Reader critical of comment on Jarrar

I write to take the editor to task regarding his editorial comments about Randa Jarrar. I also was offended by her tweets. However, you are completely out of step with 21st century gender sensibilities to refer in any way to her appearance whilst disagreeing with her opinions or politics.

I ask you, would you have commented on whether or not a man was ugly, or groomed himself to your taste, when he expressed obnoxious statements in the public realm?

You purportedly wanted to school her on how “free speech can be used in a kindly way.” After saying that, you launched a personal attack on her appearance, which has no relationship to the discussion about her freedom to speak offensively and is mean to boot.

Kindly think twice next time you attack a woman’s appearance because you do not appreciate her ideas. In addition to being unkindly, it constituted poor argumentation.

I expect better value from you for my time spent reading your column!

— Anne Charleston,