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City owes more to help support animal control

The March 30 Madera Tribune article on the lack of support of the county Animal Control program is right on.

The numbers don’t add up in my mind as to what the city’s share should be. They quoted $1.4 million to operate all that they do at the animal shelter. They quoted 40 percent of the animal control is in the city. Forty percent of $1.4 million is $560,000. The City of Madera is far short of its obligation.

All I know for sure is that 100 percent of the dogs we have had have been dumped by city people.

We have spent thousands (out of pocket) on these dogs. One dog I wrote about years ago (Ugly) was starving. Twenty-one pounds. You could see every digit in her tail. No hair and almost blind. Caught a lot of flak for naming her that.

We bathed her in iodine for the skin mites. Spent $700 on her eyes. Got her up to 50 pounds. She was with us for a year and a half before she died in her sleep. She may have been ugly, but she was a beautiful sweetheart. It upsets me to see all the loose, un-collared dogs running the streets of Madera.

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