When the Boss Cat comes around, watch out

The other night I came home, and there was our new cat, perched on a potting bench next to our garage with a look on his face that says, in so many expressions, “If you don’t give me some kibble, I’ll rip your arm off.”

This cat is still trying to decide whether to adopt us as his family. Are we nice to him? Do we pay attention to him? Are there any other cats around?

This is a big cat, and never fails to scare the dickens out of me when I get out of my car in the garage and he stands there hissing.

It is though he is saying, “Get the heck out of my garage.”

He never stays around, even when we give him something to eat. He gobbles the kibble like a whale scoops up herring, and then disappears into the night.

One night, I was using a little cup to put kibble in his dish and he bit me on the hand before I could pour out all the food. I whopped him a good one, and he whapped me back with his front paw. Where he had bitten me, I had a big bruise and where he had hit me with his paw, I was starting to lose a little blood.

You probably are asking yourself, "Why does he put up with a cat like that?"

Well, this cat interests me. He is a boss cat. If another cat came around, I think he would chase that other cat off. In fact, he may be doing just that right now, because we don’t see any other cat around the place. As long as that boss cat is around, our place is cat-proof, which is just fine with me.

Another cat used to come around, but she didn’t stay long. I don’t think she liked the boss cat, and when she saw him, she would go away, like a fighter jet leaving a carrier deck..

Another cat we had was a whiner. She would come in the house, and if I were lying on the couch, she would jump up on my stomach and whine. It’s hard to sleep that way.

This boss cat does not do that. As soon as he has his kibble, he’s outa there. He goes and hunts for stray pit bulls. That means our house is pit-bull-proof, as well as sissy-cat proof , which is fine with me.

Coming up with a name has been a problem. I call him Big Cat, but he doesn’t answer to that. Maybe he would answer to King Kong.