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Local ongoings subject of reader attention

The Madera Tribune received the following comments online about articles in the paper and local happenings. Rants and raves

Rave — The city of Chowchilla will celebrate its western heritage soon as cowboys and cowgirls from throughout California and bordering states gather for three days of roping fever. “Cindy Chidlaw Diaz” wrote, “We go every year. As a kid growing up in Chowchilla it was so much fun.”

Raves — Madera County Food Bank reported board member Susan Whitaker passed away Sunday (Feb. 25). “Sheila Kingsley” wrote, “Susan was a dear to me in High School and we were both part of the Sugar Pine Singers. Rest in Peace Susan.”

“Karen Adney Renwick” replied, “Rest In Peace Susan.”

Rave — “Renee Benoit” commented on The Madera Tribune’s Facebook page, “I’d love to hear ideas for how to revitalize downtown? How about giant murals? How about a coffee house? How about an artisan pizza joint? How about outdoor cafes, farmer’s markets, food truck events with music?

Rave — The Madera Police Special Investigations Unit served a search warrant on the west side of town. As a result of the warrant Santiago Rosas, a gang member and convicted felon, was arrested for illegally possessing two firearms and ammunition. “Sam Uhler” wrote, “Great Job Guys!!!”

Rave — In response to an invitation for gardening lessons by UCCE Master Gardeners of Madera County, “Renee Benoit” wrote, “I have had great success with straw bale gardening where there was an epidemic of gophers. Hardware cloth underneath the straw bales kept the gophers at bay for the entire season. They didn’t figure out they could tunnel up inside until my harvest was almost complete. I love straw bale bale gardening!”

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