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Chowchilla upgrading 2 wells, drilling another

Charles Doud/The Madera Tribune City Clerk Joann McClendon holds a drink cup with a straw in it while contract city engineer Jerry Jones, far right, explains how municipal water wells work, during a City Council meeting Feb. 13. Others in the photo, from left, are City Council Member Waseem Ahmed, City Administrator Brian Haddix, and Recreation and Community Engagement Director Marty Piepenbrook.


Chowchilla is taking steps to improve its water system and make sure an adequate supply of water is always available for the city.

Public Works Director Jason Rogers and contract city engineer Jerry Jones reported to the City Council that two of the city’s wells, No. 5A and No. 11, are not operating at peak efficiency and are in need of repairs and upgrade.

“As Council is aware,” Jones wrote in a report to the Council prepared for the Feb. 13 meeting at City Hall, “the city experienced occasional water pressure drops during times of peak water demand during summer 2017. The situation occurred when the city’s active wells were unable to supply sufficient flow and pressure to meet peak demands.”

Jones said the city was working to address the issue through the construction of Well No. 1A and an accompanying water storage tank.

He said work on wells 5A and 11 likely would cost some $150,000.

Rogers said the city had hired two part-time workers to monitor water use.

“It’s illegal to waste water,” he said. “The Valley is in a moderate drought.”

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