Thank you for responding

I would like to congratulate and thank the below mentioned people:

Sam Pistoresi (Wow, so awesome). Dr. Goodwin has trashed people for so many years! This woman calls herself a doctor, but why? Her writings over the years have been so objectionable to me; so happy to see people stand up to this “doctor”!

Corrie Valdez — Amen! Our children, and family members have given their lives for our freedom and to be able to print in our local paper to “shut up” Wow! “Dr. Goodwin” needs to shut up. Her comments are disgraceful!

Joyce A. Aguirre — Very right on! If anyone should “shut up” — I hope Dr. Goodwin gets a clue! Yes! Her choices have not been in the “best interests of “the people”!

To all of you, that write, and those who are sick, as I am, from hearing from Dr. Goodwin, I hope she gets a clue!

We understand negativity, and it is NOT appreciated! I hope this is just the beginning of taking away her “doctor” status, and away from any organization that she will, or has harmed from her choices. Just because she has a “doctor” in front of her name, does not give her “common cense” and this is definitely what she is lacking!