On homelessness and mental illness

Mr. Doud, your article failed to mention that a majority of the homeless are severely mentally ill.

It is difficult or impossible for one to understand the reasoning of a mentally ill person if one is not around them on a daily basis.

We say about the homeless: clean them up, feed them, give them a bed to sleep in and then we can get them a job.

Not the case.

We say about the filth and garbage they leave behind: Don’t they see it? Don’t they care? And how can they live like that?

Their brains are so disconnected, and their thought processes do not involve reasoning abilities. They need medication, and I don’t mean drugs or alcohol.

Homelessness will never even remotely go away until our cities have more facilities to help our mentally ill individuals. It is a tragic blight on our society.

Remember, every person living under the bridge or digging out of garbage cans is someone’s son or daughter. Never think that it couldn’t happen to anyone’s family. That’s what I used to think.