Madera woman takes issue with letter

Response to Dr. Loraine Goodwin’s article on The Madera Tribune’s Opinion Page, Feb. 7:

Do you have a son in the military? Have you ever lost a husband in war? Obviously not. Your comments regarding, “We spend trillions to repair vets,” is very sick, and unappreciative of those who have lost their lives to save yours.

You should be humbled by those who have fought for our country and our safety.

Our country has, and always has had, politicians making decisions that are not always in the best interests of “the people.” Our vets have no choice in being disabled or gravely injured and, yes, we as the people should be happy to see them repaired, no matter the cost.

Brain injuries, no legs or arms, unable to work for the rest of their lives. Is this their fault?

Where would you personally be if it weren’t for our military? To make blanket statements regarding decisions made by politicians having to do with finance is one thing. To make a blanket statement regarding “repairing our vets” is quite another. That undeniably is money well spent. The high-speed rail project is well over budget already, years away, and in the end most people in this area will not be able to afford a ticket to ride it anyway. It is forcing people out of their properties unwillingly and is going to be the biggest eye sore ever erected in this area.

You should be more concerned that Mayor Medellin has approved increases in some administrative salaries and benefit increases that were between 20 to 50 percent for senior city officials over the last four years, all the while the city was approaching a $1 million-plus budget deficit. Where were your then?

You seem to have so much to say, I guess I missed your opinion regarding that issue.

From your article of Feb. 7, you seem to think your high-speed rail is more important than human lives — lives that have kept you free to live your life unharmed by war, as well as the lives of your family and friends for generations past.

You need to shut up or become more educated on what our military does for this country before you speak out with an uneducated tongue.

Your title states chair, law enforcement and judicial review. Do you not care that our local officers could be shot or injured in the line of duty, protecting all of us, and not to be able to get the medical care needed to make them whole again?

Think before you speak out. I find your article offensive to all our military.