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Cupid is on his way — watch out!

Cupid is set to make his annual debut, as St. Valentine’s Day is on Wednesday. The traditional heart used to symbolize the day has many theories to its origins. It doesn’t much resemble the human heart although there are some vague similarities. There are speculations that the shape is meant to mimic the derriere or other parts of the female anatomy. One notion is that the point of cupid’s arrow is how the Valentine heart got its shape.

The silphium, a now believed extinct archaic herb, had heart shaped pods. Women consumed it as an ancient morning after pill for its abortive properties.

According to, ‘“It only grew along a stretch of the northeastern Libyan coastline, the climate of which has become markedly drier over the millennia. By the time of Nero, Pliny the Younger claims, the plant was extremely difficult to find, and possibly the very last specimens were presented to the emperor; he had them prepared for his supper.’”

Valentine’s Day is just a commercial gimmick designed to sell candy, flowers, greeting cards and restaurant meals. Additionally, the minds and emotions of girls and women are held hostage to a day that is just retail-generated bonanza. Men who refuse to acknowledge Valentine’s Day can find themselves in trouble with their women.

Navigating the Valentine’s Day ritual is something each couple must learn to do over time. For some the day is all-important while some women find it unnecessary.

Restaurants are always slammed with customers so a good deal of waiting is to be expected. The time it takes to be seated, served and the length of time it takes orders to be prepared increases in direct proportion to the increase of customers.

I learned if I want a nice box of See’s candy or a bouquet of flowers I will be less disappointed if I buy them myself.

This will be Fred’s and my 42nd Valentine’s Day together. On the very first one, he surprised me with flowers, candy and a card. Since then it has been hit and miss.

Fred isn’t the type to give gifts because there is a day that demands it. When he sent me flowers in the past, it wasn’t because he wanted to. It was because he figured I would be mad if he didn’t.

Life is too short, and being angry over something I can’t change takes up too much energy I could use for something more important.

Staying married for decades requires the implementation of the Serenity Prayer: Written by the American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr (1892–1971), it goes like this: ‘“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.’“

That last part is the one that applies in the game called matrimony.

It never hurts to surprise the one you love with a trinket on Valentine’s Day. Remember women who get flowers at work are the envy of those who don’t.

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Have a great weekend.

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