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‘By far, the most disgusting letter ...’

I read all the letters in the Madera Tribune on Wednesday, Feb. 7, and some I agreed with and some I didn’t. But, hey, in this partially free country everyone is welcome to their opinions.

The letter from Loraine Goodwin, though, was by far the most disgusting letter I have ever read. It was arrogant, rude, just plain insulting and full of lies. Twice in the letter she told us taxpayers to “shut up.” Well I’ve got news for you, lady. I don’t shut up for you or any other socialist type.

You have such a hatred for President Trump that you can’t think straight. I noticed you didn’t mention the fact that the person who was merely acting as president prior to Trump will go down in history as the worst president this country has ever had! And also in his eight years he increased our national debt by ten trillion dollars. That’s more than all the other presidents prior to him had left us with collectively, starting with George Washington.

And also she forgot to mention that President Trump is not taking one dollar in salary from our government.

This may come as a shock to you, lady, but when this government was formed its only purpose was to protect our citizens and our borders! Not to support people who don’t want to work from cradle to grave, which is where the majority of our total budget is going! They call it entitlements. No one is entitled to anything except what they earn.

Back to the heart of her letter, the HSR (high speed rail) I noticed while telling us taxpayers to “shut up,” she forgot to mention the reason the HSR was selected to come through the heart of our valley instead of following the Interstate-5 route and taking a much cheaper route to the bay area. Anybody know why? I do. It was politics.

There is no cheap housing along I-5. But in our valley there is cheaper housing from the grapevine to the other side of Los Banos. The city folk can sell their expensive houses in the bay area and buy the cheap houses here so they can live here and work and spend their money in the Bay Area!

Wow, what a concept and all this money we’re wasting on the HSR is all for the purpose of a legacy for this idiot we have for a government in Sacramento!

Thank you, Ms. Goodwin, for letting us know what you really think of us taxpayers!

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