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Quit complaining about HSR

Quit the complaining. The U.S. spends trillions of dollars on wars and killing millions. We spend millions to billions carting Trump and his gang back-and-forth between D.C. and Florida.

We spend trillions to tear up our natural resources. We spend billions to send Trump and the gang all over the world to play golf. We spend trillions to repair vets, who were healthy before they went to war. We throw trillions at bankers. We throw trillions at billionaires.

I say, shut up and get to work and build that train system. Let's not over audit. We know everyone is trying to get the most from the project for themselves. So, shut up and build. We need people in elected office who can help us advance.

— Dr. Loraine Goodwin,

Chair, Law Enforcement and Judicial Review

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