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Maderans still upset over city problems

The Madera Tribune received the following comments online about articles and local happenings. Woman feels responsibility for local government

Ramona Key of Madera recently wrote, in a letter to the editor, her current viewpoint regarding the city council’s response to resident concerns over employment pay.

“Kym Smith Salter” wrote, “I saw this at the council meeting, a very sad day when all the Mayor did was talk around the issue....then a few more of the members chimed in how they didn’t feel it was necessary.....What are they hiding!!!!”

“Michelle Garcia” wrote, “This county deserves better representation. No taking campaign funds from developers period. No favors. Term limits for sure!”

“Cindy Chidlaw Diaz” wrote, “So true for all of Madera Government.” Maderans encourage others to seek employment

The Madera County Workforce Assistance Center recently hosted a job fair at their facility. A notice for the event drew numerous responses from readers.

“Vickie Martinez” replied to an earlier mention from “Veronica Rodriguez,” “Thank you comadra.”

“Rubiana Navarroo” replied to a notice from “Irma G. Avila,” “Thank you!”

“Avila” responded, “Make sure you take a resume.”

“Luis Jauregui” replied to an earlier notice by “Gloria Jauregui,” “Found a job thanks though.”

“Tony Montero” wrote, “Lol .... how many people gonna tag other people and tell them get a job!” The center later announced a Harbor Freight store would open in the near future, with a hiring event coming in February.

“Ryan Barnard” responded to an earlier notification from “Kerri Kelton Barnard,” “What is harbor freight I heard of it don’t know what they do tho.”

“Kerri” replied, “Its a place where they sell tools and stuff.”

“Ryan” replied, “Kerri Kelton Barnard oh ok.” Rants and raves

Rant — A U.S. government-commissioned report by a panel of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine recommends significantly lowering the drunken-driving threshold from .08 to .05, according to a report from KFSN News. “Tony Montero” wrote, “Why not just make it 0.0……”

Rave — Camp Fire Heart of California shared photography from its Great Employment & Career seminar. “Cindy Chidlaw Diaz” wrote, “Great group of young women.”

Rant — City Hall saw an overflow attendance for Wednesday’s (Jan. 17) meeting as residents voiced their concerns about the city council. “Michelle Garcia” wrote, “So why doesn’t the Madera Tribune report the current high salaries of the county CAO and his deputy CAO positions? Wake up people! Why aren’t you upset with our tax dollars paying for their outrageous salaries that the Board of Supervisors or Council approved. Not one employee is worth over a quarter of a million dollars in this City or County! Report that, Tribune!”

Raves — The Madera Elks Lodge held an enchilada luncheon Jan. 20. “Joan Brown Girl, don’t I wish I could meet you and John there!!!!! In my dreams…”

“Cindy Chidlaw Diaz” wrote, “Fantastic lunch.”

Rant — The Madera Democratic Club posted a notice regarding their Jan. 25 meeting, displaying door prizes being raffled (Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, a book by author Michael Wolff). “Lisa Garza” wrote, “Peddling a book that’s been debunked? Isn’t the party bigger than this?”

Rave — A Chowchilla Police Officer was performing a patrol check of the Chevron on Avenue 24 when he came upon a blue Mustang parked in the back parking lot at a Jack in the Box restaurant. Officer Cooper ran the license plate and was advised it was a stolen vehicle out of Idaho. The man in the vehicle, Anthony Madrid, was arrested and booked into Madera Department of Corrections for being in possession of a stolen vehicle. “Ligia Pacheco” wrote, “Great job, officer Cooper.”

Rant — The Madera Police Department released its log entries of incidents from Jan. 10 through 15. “Tony Montero” wrote, “Lot of suspicious people!….”

Rave — The Portuguese Fraternal Society of America shared a video promoting their upcoming Filhoz sale set for Feb. 10. “Kim Burgess-Gomes” wrote, “Yum! Need to place my order!”

Rave — Relay For Life of Madera shared a promotional photo of Minnie Mouse for its 2018 kick-off event. “Cindy Chidlaw Diaz” wrote, “Love Minnie!!!”

Rant — Madera County announced its 125th anniversary with a tidbit of history featuring a palm tree along State Route 99 between Madera and Fresno. “Michael Gaynor” wrote, “Too bad they did not use a redwood.”

Rave — “Felipe Guzman” announced his attendance of the Madera Unified School District’s annual spelling bee, in support of Lexus Monique Guzman. “Felipe” wrote, “Very proud of you.”

Rant — In a recent exclusive interview with the Sierra Star, Madera District Attorney David Linn said his office has an ongoing investigation into what he calls inappropriate campaign contributions to supervisors David Rogers, Robert L. Poythress, Brett Frazier, Max Rodriguez and Tom Wheeler from developers who are making deals with the county that could be worth “millions to billions of dollars.” “Brent Peart” wrote, “What an embarrassment he is to our county.”

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