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City hall meeting draws comments from concerned Maderans

The Madera Tribune received the following comments online about articles and local happenings. Maderans clamour for change in city

An overflow City Hall crowd let the Madera City Council know in no uncertain terms Wednesday night (Jan. 17) that they wanted change, and they wanted it now.

“John Anthony” wrote, “$21,000 a month ... in Madera ??? Rise up people of Madera, demand an end to this madness!!”

“Cindy Chidlaw Diaz” wrote, “Just like the county — wake up people we pay more in the county for water and garbage than you do for everything. Hello, wake up.”

“Bobby Sheikh” wrote, “The change has to start from the top, including the mayor and at least some council members. Unless this good ol’ boy club changes ... If there is no change and better opportunity for this community, and new business happening, the rip off will continue!!”

“Steve Salter” wrote, “It will be nice when all of these problems are taken care of in our city. Maybe then we can start working on bringing some companies in to fill up the Freedom Industrial Park that has stood virtually empty since its grand opening in 2015. We need to bring good-paying jobs to Madera so we can increase our median household income so we can get shopping centers like the one on Herndon and 99 in Fresno. That shopping center should have been ours!”

“Carrie Tuttle” wrote, “I agree with Council Member Cece Gallegos, we need an independent person that has experience with city management to dig in and initiate changes. Council members Oliver, Rigby and Mayor Medellin are all using smoke and mirrors, saying that we can’t trust Transparent California and the Madera Tribune has an agenda. They think that this can be swept under the rug. I think Oliver, Rigby and Medellin are on the committee to find the permanent city manager. We all need to watch this situation.”

“Sky Fierro” wrote, “This article makes me want to start attending every meeting and even possibly run for office. This city has so much potential, and can be as great as any in the Central Valley, but I feel like current leadership is fighting any change and keeping us stagnant.”

“Timothy Riche” replied, “No. Trust me. They are doing their best ... but you should run!!” All About Dance earns medals

The All About Dance and Gymnastics team earned 15 medals from its first meet of the season at the Icebreaker meet in Visalia.

“Viri Ruben Gil” wrote, “Don’t forget our only level 4 competing rocked 1st place also.”

“Delores Brar” wrote, “Wendy Silva, way to go to Cayla!!!!”

“Kevin Stansbury” wrote, “Ali Baltz. WTF??”

“Ali Baltz” replied, “Right! I saw this too…”

“Stansbury” replied, “Ali Baltz make me mad as hell.”

“Baltz” replied, “Kevin Stansbury the feeling is mutual.”

“Mary Cunningham Calhoun” replied to an earlier notification from “Joy Campbell,” “Thank you for sharing Joy! I didn’t know it was in the paper.”

“Delores Brar” added in, “Mary Cunningham Calhoun, way to go Sam!”

“Tito Acevedo” wrote, “Rachel Mac we need to look into this for jaka.” Maderans get short history lesson from ‘independence’

Responses continued regarding a “declaration of independence” from the founders of New California, reminiscing on when other states attempted to gain sovereignty from within their own borders.

“Eddie Blanton” wrote, “West Virginia separated from Virginia during the Civil War. Even if we had a second Civil War, and enough people wanted to distance themselves from the rest of California, the people who created this “declaration of independence” have no authority to do so. I could literally write a declaration of independence for a “Northern California” with the same amount of authority as these guys — none.”

“JW Gaither” replied, “Support is all that matters.”

“Blanton” responded, “There is no support.”

“Kevin Stansbury” wrote, “The Admission to the Union Clause of the United States Constitution, oftentimes called the New States Clause, and found at Article IV, Section 3, Clause 1, authorizes the Congress to admit new states into the United States beyond the 13 already in existence at the time the Constitution went into effect.” Rants and raves

Rant — The Madera County Sheriff’s Office recently shared a photograph of deputies from 1975. “Martha Castellon De Garcia” wrote, “Not Latinos.”

Rave — Yosemite National Park shared photos of the environment in the park, with a notice of winter storms soon to hit the area then. “Gwen Scott” wrote, “Spenser Arvizo we need to go here, we’re so close and I’ve never been.”

Rant — Madera Tribune Editor Chuck Doud penned an opinion piece regarding the next (Madera) city administrator’s responsibilities and major tasks when they’re hired. “Bobby Sheikh” wrote, “Ask your city hall staff as well as council and mayor to stop playing friendship games and do what’s best for the town. Quit scratching each other’s back or covering each other’s ass. There’s not at all any accountability in the departments of Madera city hall ... poor services. High cost, just ripping people off to pay those high salaries.”

Rant — Gov. Jerry Brown appointed the head of a $3 billion tunnel project in Seattle to the top post at California’s High-Speed Rail Authority on Friday, rounding out a leadership team that’s been in flux, according to the Associated Press. “Michael Gaynor” wrote, “Trying to bring in a fixer that hasn’t fixed his other job ...”

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