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All-Madera Tribune Football team

Tyler Takeda/The Madera Tribune

Liberty’s Kaleb Roth rushed for more than 1,600 yards this season and scored 24 touchdowns while also recording a team-high 138 tackles. He is the first Liberty football player with more than 1,000 yards rushing and more than 100 tackles in a season. He also broke the school record for rushing yards in a game (269) and helped the Hawks break the school record for rushing yards in a game (573) while leading the Hawks to the second best offensive season in school history. He is The Madera Tribune’s Most Valuable Player. He also would have been named the Tribune’s Defensive Player of the Year, as well.


Most Valuable Player

Kaleb Roth

RB-LB, Senior, Liberty

All-League: Co-Most Valuable Player, North Sequoia League, All-NSL, first team RB and LB. With 24 rushing touchdowns to go along with 1,663 yards rushing, Liberty’s Kaleb Roth earned himself the All-Tribune MVP. Roth was a one-man wrecking crew with 179 carries on the season with an incredible average of 9.3 yards per carry. Roth almost averaged a first down with every touch of the football. A combination of power, athleticism and speed carried Roth to the award and a spot on the All-League list for 2017. His average of more than 150 yards per game was one of the best in the section. On top of what he did on offense, along with 24 touchdowns and 144 points, Roth became the first Liberty player to rush for more than 1,000 yards in a season and record more than 100 tackles. He led the Hawks with 138 tackles with 40 solo. He tied the school record for most tackles in a game and had three games of 20 or more tackles, most in school history. He was named the North Sequoia League co-Most Valuable Player for his accomplishments, which includes a 4.24 grade point average and helping donate more than $10,000 to Valley Children’s Hospital. Offensive Player of the Year

Colt Nelson

QB, Junior, Madera

All-League: All-County/Metro Athletic Conference, second team QB The Madera Coyotes changed the narrative in 2017 and improved their team dramatically. A big reason for their impressive turnaround was due to the play of quarterback Colt Nelson. Nelson was a rock for the Coyotes all season. His ability to hang tough in the pocket and deliver throw after throw gave the Coyotes a focal point to their offense and he never disappointed. Nelson finished the year with multiple big games under his belt. Most notably, his performance against Merced when he threw for more than 600 yards and became the first player in section history to do it. He finished the season with 3,800 yards to go along with 34 touchdown passes. Team

Greyson Hoelzel

QB, Senior, Liberty

All-League: Utility Player of the Year, NSL; All-NSL, first team DB and punter; honorable mention QB. Even though the Hawks were a run-heavy group, their quarterback Greyson Hoelzel proved to be a consistent general. He didn’t take too many throws, only completing 27 passes for 577 yards, but he gave his team contributions in the form of consistency. He had eight touchdowns on the season and for a team that runs almost every time, those numbers are certainly commendable. He only had five interceptions in 60 attempts. Hoelzel wasn’t only a passer, he also ran the ball too. He finished the year with 212 yards rushing and three touchdowns. Wyatt Roth

RB, Junior, Liberty

All-League: All-NSl, first team RB and LB

Like his brother, Wyatt was a man on a mission. The younger Roth finished the season with 14 touchdowns to go with 1,222 yards rushing. Although he was second fiddle to his brother, he still accrued numbers similar to a starter at other schools. His speed and agility gave the Hawks a dynamic one-two punch accounting for 38 touchdowns. He was the speed back, opposite his brother, and averaged 9.3 yards per rush. Mathew Manoz

RB-QB, Senior, Madera South

All-League: All-CMAC honorable mention RB

Although listed as a running back, Manoz was used as a quarterback down the stretch. His knack for getting tough yards, play after play convinced Stallions head coach Matt Johnson he was their best chance to win. Manoz was a runner first at quarterback, but was able to throw the ball as well. His ability to keep the ball out of the defender’s hands proved important to a side that was underperforming g all year. The Stallions could’ve folded this season but Manoz stepped up and became the teams leading rusher and passer. Joseph Saldivar

RB, Senior, Madera

All-League: All-CMAC, second team WR

With a gunslinger for a quarterback, Saldivar was the utility-knife runner. He can catch, he can run and he can block. Saldivar often made it look easy on the field, dancing up the field and cutting through holes or catching screens and darting up the field. His ability to do anything the coaches asked allowed the Coyotes to expand their playbook when needed, but also shrink it when needed. Saldivar was a rock for the Coyotes in the 2017 season. He finished with more than 800 yards rushing and seven touchdowns. Rylan Howe

FB, Sophomore, Liberty

All-League: All-NSL second team RB and LB

In an offense predicated on running the football, blocking the run is crucial and fullback Rylan Howe proved to be a pivotal member throughout the season. Whether it was blocking for his running back directly or indirectly, Howe embodied the team-first mentality throughout the season. He was injured late in the season and the running game suffered. He rushed for 602 yards, getting the brunt of his yardage up the middle. He averaged seven yards per rush with six touchdowns. Joziah Velasquez

WR, Junior, Madera

All-League: All-CMAC, second team WR

Both a runner and pass catcher, Joziah Velazquez was a headache for defenses all year. Partnered with Saldivar, Velasquez exploited easy matchups with slow linebackers and flat-footed safeties. His big-play ability was also an area of concern for defenses. He scored six touchdowns to go along with more than 1,000 yards receiving to lead the Coyotes K’Veon Jones

WR, Senior, Madera

All-League: All-CMAC, second team WR

With Colt Nelson at the helm the Coyotes aired it out on many occasions. Along with Velasquez, K’Veon Jones was a big beneficiary. Known for his size and speed, once Jones got to full speed, nobody was catching him. Jones finished the season with a team-high 14 touchdown catches, his longest of 81 yards. Although his yards weren’t as high as Velasquez, with only 678, Jones’ touchdown ratio was one of the best in the section despite missing the first few games of the season. J.J. Espinoza

WR, Junior, Madera

The Coyotes receiving corps was stacked from top to bottom. J.J. Espinoza might’ve been overshadowed by his teammates success at times, he still chipped in four touchdowns and more than 350 yards receiving. Espinoza provided a much need security check down for Nelson in the Coyotes pass-heavy offense. Colton Cardoza

TE, Junior, Liberty

All-League: All-NSL, first team TE; second team LB

Even though Cardoza was a vertical threat in most matchups, his steady play didn’t go unnoticed. A do-it-all type player, Cardoza chipped into all facets of the game. He blocked for his teammates at a high level and caught the occasional pass when needed. Although his teammates might’ve gotten the spotlight, his consistent play gave the Hawks a boost all season long. Cardoza led the Hawks with 11 receptions for 219 yards and scored five touchdowns, averaging 20 yards a catch. Matt Estrada

OL, Senior, Madera South

All-League: All-CMAC, second team OL

The Madera South Stallions football team never got off to the right foot in 2017, but a few Stallions stood out from the rest. Matt Estrada was one of those men. Not only was he the best lineman on the team, he might’ve been the best player, as well. Going through multiple quarterbacks to different systems to run on the field, he remained a constant both in the passing attack but more importantly in the rushing attack. Codi Slayton

Cameron Lopez

OL, Seniors, Madera

All-League: All-CMAC first team (Lopez) and second team (Slayton)

Cameron Lopez and Codi Slayton proved to be important cogs in the Coyotes machine. Although their specialty is in the trenches where many games are won and lost, their ability to impact a game was never in question. Whether it was a run or pass, both Lopez and Slayton showcased their brains along with their physical prowess, putting defenders in the dirt with ease. Their ability on the line allowed players like Colt Nelson and K’Veon Jones the time to create and make plays for the Coyotes. Adam Pearce

Nick Hayes

Francisco Rojas

OL, Senior (Pearce) and

Junior (Hayes, Rojas), Liberty

All-League: All-NSL first team OL (Hayes, Pearce and Rojas) and DL (Hayes and Pearce), second team DL (Rojas)

The trio of Liberty lineman were key to the Hawks success throughout the season. Nick Hayes, Adam Pearce and Francisco Rojas combined to help Liberty rush for more than 4,000 yards on the season to go with 58 touchdowns. In an offense that is run heavy, and a roster half the size of many of their opponents, the Hawks’ performance should be applauded. The lineman, as a group, helped the Hawks get two different rushers over 1,000 yards in the season while keeping its quarterback upright for a majority of the season. With a great offensive line, offense just becomes easier and these Hawks were the perfect example. Nick Hayes

Adam Pearce

DL, Senior (Pearce) and

Junior (Hayes), Liberty

All-League: All-NSL first team DL and OL

The pair of Nick Hayes and Adam Pearce combined for 102 total tackles along with 16 tackles for loss. Not only were the two Hawks intimidating but they were also productive. The team boasted a strong defensive front, but Pearce and Hayes proved to be difference makers. Given the fact that the Hawks football team was undermanned, the players didn’t what they needed to do to win football games and when you have two of the most dominate interior lineman in the league, things tend to work out in your favor. Kingsley Thomas

Isaiah Castaneda

DL, Seniors, Madera South

All-League: All-CMAC second team (Thomas) and honorable mention (Castaneda) The Stallions defense had its ups and downs all season but one of their strengths was the defensive line. Both Kingsley Thomas and Isiah Castenada were enforcers all season long. A tackle for loss, a sack or a big hit, these two men provided a lift to a struggling defense. Thomas and Casteneda worked in unison disrupting run and pass plays alike. Their sheer strength with quick feet allowed them to gain an advantage on whoever they lined up against. They also allowed players behind them like Dallas Hansen to get to the ball carriers easier after they would fight two linemen at a time in certain situations. Dallas Hansen

LB, Junior, Madera South

Arguably one f the best players on the team, Dallas Hansen provided the Stallions with a grit and consistency all season. A player on both offense and defense, Hansen showcased his knack for football week in and week out. Didn’t matter whether the opposition ran the ball or threw it, Hansen found the ball wherever he went. If the ball carrier was wrapped up, Hansen would stick his helmet in there just for good measure. Matt Ylarregui

LB, Senior, Madera

All-League: All-CMAC second team

The Coyotes’ offense was firing on all cylinders this season but just as important, the Coyotes defense had their share of moments as well. Matt Ylarregui created a lot of those moments for Madera. The linebacker was all over the field both stopping runs for no gain but also breaking up passes thrown down the field. Without Ylarregui, the Coyotes would’ve lacked not only a physical presence but also an emotional one as well. Wyatt Roth

LB, Junior, Liberty

All-League: All-NSL first team LB and RB

His ability with the football in his hands is well documented but his knack for tackling the ball carrier is equally as impressive. Roth recorded 66 total tackles on the season with an average of six tackles per game to go along with his average of 111 yards on the ground per game. Roth contributed in both phases, allowing the Hawk coaching staff to be creative with with their packages. Although Roth almost reached the 70-tackle plateau, he registered a team-high 17 tackles for loss and led the team with 6.5 sacks. Robert Brocchini

LB, Senior, Madera

Although Robert Brocchini wasn’t selected for any All-league honors, his play on the Coyotes defense didn’t go unnoticed. The senior linebacker worked in tandem with Ylarregui and helped form a solid defensive unit. The Coyotes were exposed at times throughout the season, but held strong for the most part due to their strength at the linebacker position. Like his teammate, he can tackle but also drop into coverage, a skillset that the Coyote coaching staff used mightily. Greyson Hoelzel

DB, Senior, Liberty

All-League: Utility Player of the Year, NSL; All-NSL, first team DB and punter; honorable mention QB. Hoelzel had a busy 2017 campaign. A quarterback but also a defensive back, the senior averaged about three tackles a game to go along with a season total of 34 total tackles. Hoelzel allowed his natural football instincts to take over and it allowed him to excel as both a passer and cover corner. He was often matched up against the best receiver. and held his own. He tied for the team lead with four interceptions and also recorded six passes defended. Brandon Mora

Mathew Posas

DB, Seniors, Madera South

All-League: All-CMAC second team (Mora) and honorable mention (Posas)

Madera South might’ve had a down year but that didn’t stop a few of their players from having good years. Brandon Mora and Matthew Posas both played a pivotal role for the Stallions secondary. Whether it was deflecting a pass or covering a streaking receiver down the field, the pair were decisive for the Stallions more times than not. Not to mention their ability to play on both sides of the ball. Although football is a team game, the two gave their all to a struggling Stallion defense and it showed. Raelon Hill

DB, Senior, Madera

Hill was a catalyst in the school’s turnaround season. Hill gave Madera some stability in their secondary with good vision and an even better vertical. His knack for knocking down passes or getting into the passing lane was key for the Coyotes defensive pressure. Even though his name was on the All-League list, his exploits in the Coyote secondary weren’t forgotten.

• • •

All players will receive a certificate and the Most Valuable Player (Roth) and Offensive Player of the Year (Nelson) will receive an award from Round Table Pizza.


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