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This year has been one of successes

Every December, as we approach the beginning of the New Year, there is something that is very much a part of human nature that causes us to reflect back on the events of the previous 365 days. It seems to me, that if everyone were completely honest, there would be no one who could say they knew 2017 would turn out as it did. Those who expected politics as usual had to be confused as they saw the concept stood on end. Realistically, there must be something that we learned during this year’s trip around the sun!

Right about here would be the ideal spot to innumerate the successes which our surprisingly elected president has enjoyed. He promised a bold agenda and began in late January to deliver on his campaign promises. Leadership in the House far exceeded the “foot draggers” in the Senate in terms of cooperation. One year later, with his wins being much akin to creating inertia from a dead stop with a full load of dead weight, the economy is steadily gaining speed and strength. What we were once told was a “new norm” for the sluggish American economy has become provably incorrect.

The most recent enhancement for Americans and business was the president’s signature on the first serious tax cut in decades. Although the cries of “tax cuts for the rich” and “corporate welfare” have arisen from Democrats, there are already indicators that much of that savings will be returned to the hard-working people who earned it in the first place.

Several major corporations immediately announced there would be bonuses paid to workers and salaries raised from money that no longer had to be sent to the Internal Revenue Service.

Last December, we all realized that the ordinary, everyday, rank-and-file people who vote had spoken and Donald J. Trump had been selected as their choice for President number 45 of The United States of America.

Even at that early date, we all sensed that the Democrat Party, the media and The Republican establishment was going to have no positive participation during the next four years of The Trump Administration. It’s almost as if they had formed an unholy alliance to hinder and obstruct everything the President wanted to accomplish — no matter how intuitive his proposal might have been! The personal agendas of these outliers would not allow them to have anything to do with “making America great again.”

A tip of the hat to you, Mr. President.

Media types can create all the “profiles of courage” awards they wish while you toil away each day in the best interest of the American people and are denigrated for your successes — which thankfully, continue to pile up.

It appears that all of us who complained about a country which was being managed into mediocrity by professional politicians were right with our call for a real business person who would be willing to move into Washington and begin draining the swamp.

We stand at a remarkable crossroads when it comes to the opportunity to regain the greatness which has always been the epitome of being an American.

But, as always, that’s only one man’s opinion.

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