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2nd suspect in Tackle Box murder arrested

Savirant Athwal


A second suspect in the Tackle Box robbery and murder, which occurred on Nov. 13, has been arrested, according to Sheriff Jay Varney.

Savirant Singh Athwal, 24, of Fresno, was arrested Friday, shortly before 5 p.m., during a vehicle stop on Highway 99 north of Avenue 18 1/2.

Savirant Singh Athwal is the cousin of the first suspect arrested in this case.

That suspect, Armitraj Singh Athwal, 22, of Modesto, was arrested by Fresno County Sheriff Deputies on an unrelated offense, near Kerman, about 40 minutes after the robbery and murder at the Tackle Box in Madera.

He has been booked on multiple charges, including murder.

Savirant Singh Athwal was booked into the Madera County Department of Corrections on a no-bail warrant for murder and robbery.

Madera County Sheriff’s Detectives have been actively following leads on this case since it occurred, said sheriff’s spokesman Bill Hall.

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