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Letter: City of Madera needs better governance

Unfortunately, incompetence and corruption prevail in the city. Good governance is unheard of. The officials do not know their jobs, i.e., water, streets, sanitation and public safety.

Sometimes, they try to take over Small Business Administration or Department of Education or Elderly Affairs, county affairs, state and federal government functions.

Per Mayor’s Facebook page, many of his supporters think that he is going to change immigration laws so families could stay together. There is no merit or any kind of direction. They will be remembered as the best photo op officials.

People need good governance, where citizens feel safe and businesses flourish. An example of public safety: Out of 272 citizens stopped at police checkpoint, 2 arrests were made. Who would do business in Madera?

In this mayor’s presence, in the City Council, business permit fees tripled, water rates went up an average of 39 percent, (though they are unconstitutional under the state of California) and the person who invented those rates does not pay that kind of rates.

Violent crime up by 47 percent and property crime up by 14 percent.

The Measure K went to executive salaries.

The rent ordinance shall soon increase cost of living for tenants.

— Khalid Chaudhry, Madera

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