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Local author produces book on alcoholism

Charles Doud/The Madera Tribune

Greg and Rosalie Robinson, at a recent book-signing party in their Madera Ranchos home.


Greg Robinson of the Madera Ranchos has written a book on alcoholism, published by AuthorHouse, and now available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble in both hardcover and softcover. It’s also available as an ebook.

Robinson, who has worked with alcoholics for the past 26 years, wrote “The Alcoholism Handbook: A Positive and Effective Recovery Plan for You and Yours” to provide information and guidance for those who suffer from the disease of alcoholism and those who work to help them.

A press release from the publisher says this: “The handbook provides a step-by-step process for treatment, recovery and a positive-living lifestyle change that will heal alcoholics and their families. It is written for the alcoholic who still suffers. It gives an overview of alcohol addiction and covers alcoholism in the family and at the workplace.

“It provides testimonials and case histories of the incomprehensible demoralization of the disease. It also provides a step-by-step process to achieve a positive-living lifestyle change for the alcoholic and his or her family.

In his discussions on recovery from alcoholism, Robinson focuses on nutrition and the role it plays in helping the sufferer break the bonds of alcohol.

He explains how alcohol can ruin one’s health by interfering with good metabolism. “It destroys the most essential vitamins and minerals in the body, where many of these are needed to interact with each other to support life,” Robinson writes. “As better nutrition, vitamins and minerals are supplemented, the cravings for alcohol will decrease.”

Alcoholics, he points out, often substitute alcohol, which has no nutrition, for food. They hurt or ruin their health as a result.

Robinson earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Fresno State University and spent a 42-year career as a mid-level manager and executive analyst. He resides in Madera with his wife, Rosalie. He has traveled the country speaking on the disease of alcoholism.


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