Letter: Thanks for courage to tell truth

Thank you for publishing the commentary by Mike Pistoresi. This is journalism at its best, since I’m sure that for this subject you have at least done some fact checking to make sure he is not coming off half cocked.

So I believe him.

This is the kind of information we, the public, need to know. How else can we make sure our city and county are run the best way? I applaud the Tribune for its courage to tell the truth. Let’s see more of this.

As a Realtor, I have a vision, for a community that is growing and prospering. Madera has its own wonderful culture and we need fair-minded government officials who do the right thing, not just line their pockets for their own gain. In my humble opinion, they should man-up to sacrifice for the good of the community. I would encourage them to step forward and volunteer to take pay cuts.

We are broke! When I was in private industry we all took pay cuts from the top down to save the company when the company was in dire straits.

I wish city managers, etc., would think this way!

— Renee Benoit Madera