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Editor’s Corner: A warning to watch your blood pressure

If you are one of those 30 million Americans who have trouble getting their blood pressure under control, get ready for some bad news.

According to Marilynn Marchione, the Associated Press medical writer, “High blood pressure, which for decades has been a top reading of at least 140 or a bottom one of 90, drops to 130 over 80 in advice announced Monday by a dozen medical groups.”

Some high blood pressure is hereditary, but a lot of it can be controlled through the use of medications, a healthier diet and exercise.

A lot of people have trouble reaching the 140 level, so their doctors will probably see those patients weep when they share the news of the new limits.

Having high blood pressure exposes one to the risk of heart attacks and/or strokes.

If you are one of those who takes his or her blood pressure at a drug store kiosk, and it shows a high level above 140, and you haven’t been to see a doctor about it, go as soon as you can.

Even though in most cases, it is an asymptomatic disease, it still lurks in those who have it, whether they get symptoms or not.

Don’t smoke. Limit alcohol consumption or cut out drinking altogether. See your doctor, and if he or she prescribes medications, take them faithfully.


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