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Deputy association endorses Moreno

MADERA RANCHOS — The Madera County District Sheriff Association announced they will endorse prosecutor Sally Orme Moreno for District Attorney.

“She has extensive experience prosecuting some of the worst criminals in Madera County,” MDSA president Michael Motz said. “She’s a proven team player who will work with law enforcement and won’t rest until justice is served for victims.”

The association’s membership consists of Madera County’s sheriff’s deputies and district attorney investigators.

Moreno is a former police officer, Army veteran and prosecuting attorney.

“It’s time for a mindset change at the top of the DA’s office. The #1 priority of the District Attorney should be putting victims first. Instead, we’re playing politics with pleas and violent felons,” Moreno said. “As your district attorney, I will be the champion for victims.”


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