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Letter: Church says thanks for help with aid for fire victims

Grace Community Church in North Fork is thankful to all who contributed to the success of their Sundae Fund-raiser for Mission fire victims on Sept. 24. This small Church raised over $2,000 to be given as relief to those who were impacted by the Mission Fire. We now have funds available to those who had losses from the fire.

In order to apportion these funds to those who need it most, the church needs people who suffered losses from the fire to contact them. The best way to apply for relief is to send a written request to Grace Community Church, PO Box 193 North Fork, CA 93643. Explain your loss and approximate cost of replacement. Obviously, there is not enough money to reimburse everyone for all their losses.

Once the information is received from the community, the church will start prioritizing the needs and give out everything donated for this cause. That includes gift certificates to replace some of the food lost due to the fire, donated by a local market.

The church is still receiving donations so it is not too late to send a check to the address above. A big thank you goes out to the community of North Fork for being so generous to help your neighbors.

Grace Community Church, North Fork

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