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Inside the Game: Sanger Apaches 35, Madera Coyotes 14

Player of the game: K’Veon Jones is this caught his first touchdown pass right after halftime from seven yards out. Jones shook past his defender and opened up for the score. He added a second touchdown in the closing quarter from 21 yards out.

Unsung hero of the game: Colt Nelson has an ability to keep his composure throughout the game. The Apaches could’ve run away with this game after the first half, but Nelson and his teammates hung in there mentally and physically. Throwing for more than 280 yards and a couple of touchdowns isn’t bad, either.

Play of the game: Colt Nelson avoided the Apache rush and found K’Veon Jones for a 21-yard touchdown strike in the third quarter. Jones had two scores on the night and brought his team back into the game with his second touchdown.

Drive of the game: After giving up 21 unanswered points, the Coyotes responded with a seven-play drive to open the third quarter. Joseph Saldivar shouldered the load with 35 yards rushing before Colt Nelson hit K’Veon Jones for a seven-yard touchdown.

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