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Madera County shifts district 1, 5 borders

Courtesy of Madera County

The border between Madera County supervisorial districts 1 and 5 will shift late next month, with the new boundary shown (encircled).


Residents of about 300 homes in Madera County will soon be part of a different supervisorial district without moving an inch.

Madera County supervisors agreed to change the legal boundaries of Districts 1 and 5, represented by supervisors Brett Frazier and Tom Wheeler respectively, by adopting amendments to the county code this week.

The community of O’Neals will join District 5 and the Madera Quarry will move to District 1.

According to the county’s planning division, the border shift will add about 500 residents to mountainous District 5, and will make the district bounds more obvious due to their coinciding with visible boundaries, such as roadways and the Madera Canal.

The new boundary between districts 1 and 5 runs east from the Madera Canal at its intersection with Highway/Road 145 to Road 206 and the county line.

The change will take effect Nov. 23.

After the change, the population of District 1 is 30,288 or 21 percent of the county’s total (146,672), and District 5 holds 26,474 or 18 percent. The other districts each have about 20-21 percent with a median average of 29,334 people.

In a presentation Tuesday, the planning division said there will likely be future adjustments to the shared border of districts 1 and 5 based on population growth in new Rio Mesa housing developments. The boundaries will be reviewed following the decennial census in 2020.

Supervisors adopted an ordinance Tuesday amending Sections 1.24.020 and 1.24.060 of Title 1 of Madera County Code with a unanimous vote.

Other business

Madera County supervisors unanimously voted Tuesday to:

  • Support the hiring of Madera County Sheriff’s Deputy Soto and the appointment of Sara Bosse as the county’s public health director, both effective Nov. 1.

  • Approve establishing a Public Information Team, adopting a Strategic Communication Plan and an amended Social Media Policy, set salary incentives for the team, and enter an agreement with social media post manager Hootsuite Media US not to exceed $24,475 per year.

  • Set a hearing for 10 a.m. Nov. 7 on both raising animal services fees and on enacting electronic filing of campaign-related documents.

  • Support revisions to the county’s General Assistance Program, including limiting aid to employable assistance recipients to 90 days in a 12-month period.

  • Support creating advisory committees for the three county Groundwater Sustainability Agencies.


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