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Theft at downtown jeweler

Two men browsing a downtown jewelry store Thursday afternoon allegedly worked together to steal a locally designed gold pendant featuring an old Spanish coin and a gold figueroa chain, authorities said.

Security cameras at Leighton’s Jewelers recorded the theft around 3:30 p.m.

“It appears that one of the males acts as a distraction as the second … takes jewelry from a standing case,” said Cpl. Mark Trukki of the Madera Police Department. “The suspect places the items inside his pocket and leaves a short time later.”

The video footage, released by police, shows what appears to be two male customers and one female customer in the store.

Store owner Chris Miller could not be reached for comment, but told local media that three people were involved in the theft that allegedly cost the store thousands of dollars. Miller himself designed the stolen pendant.

“We are asking anyone with information regarding this theft or on the identity of these two suspects to contact Detective Sauceda at 675-4244,” Trukki said.


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