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Friday the 13th just another day

Friday the 13th is always a favorite day of that given month. It is like Ouija boards, I think I love them so much because they make other people uncomfortable.

Try not to indulge your sense of triskaidekaphobia too heavily. The number 13, even when it falls on a Friday, is just another day or is it? Many of the things that freak people out are all just self- inflicted scare tactics. The power one gives them allow them to grow, so lighten up and enjoy the ride.

It is similar to whistling while walking through a grave yard at night. Spooky stuff gets my motor running. Monsters and things that go bump in the night are naturally attractive to those of us born near Halloween.

I am about to add another year to my tally. It is this time of year I miss the members of my family who have crossed over to the other side. In my family we always made a big deal about birthdays. My husband’s family not so much. To celebrate I should pull out one of my Ouija boards and see if I can place a really long distance call to the other side.

If it matters red carnations are my favorite flowers.

Growing up in Madera there were many family owned businesses that faded away during the last half of the last century. Who remembers these Madera institutions?

The Sagouspe brothers raised herds of dairy cows. Those cows produced the best milk. Quality Dairy Farms processed, bottled and delivered this amazing milk house to house from its plant on what is now Howard Road. My dad worked there for 20 plus years. Catching a ride to school in his Stand-up DIVCO (Detroit Industrial Vehicles Company) delivery truck was fun. The truck could be driven while standing which made it a popular vehicle for dairy delivery trucks, according to

At Noble’s Meat Company the Noble family processed tons of beef for sale both in Madera and elsewhere. Many will remember the hot dogs made there too. We always had a 25 pound box of those frankfurters in our freezer. My uncle Ed Baudete worked as a butcher for Noble’s for many years. The steaks and roasts were young premium beef. These meats we sold at local family-owned grocery stores such as Hal’s, Grand Central and Frank’s markets.

My father-in-law worked as a butcher at Frank’s Market. Any time we went to shop there the butcher would give me a Nobel’s hot dog to munch on while Daddy did the grocery shopping. I have often wondered if Fred’s dad was that butcher.

Another local Madera product was the olives made by the Oberti family. These were advertised on local television by the late Al Radka. The advertising tag line for the company said, “Oberti, Only Better Eaters Really Taste It.”

My childhood birthday parties were Halloween themed. Picture eight or ten of my dearest little friends making spooky masks out of common grocery bags, using crayons, construction paper and paints to decorate. We then could wear the bags on our heads while going trick-or-treating. We didn’t realize back then how dangerous walking the streets wearing a paper bag with eyeholes cut in it could be. Any mask that restricts the vision of the person wearing it is a bad idea. Makeup is a far better way to disguise ones appearance.

Arguably the best grown-up Halloween party in Madera is the Rotary Halloween Ball this year on Oct. 21 at Hatfield Hall. Dinner, costume contests, games and dancing will create a fun evening. A limited number of tickets at $55 each are available by calling 674-5401.

The Halloween Ball is a grown up opportunity to play dress up for a good cause. Some people go all out and rent costumes. I usually just get dressed from my closet!

Have a great weekend and raise a glass with me to my birthday on Monday.

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