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Inside the Game: Madera Coyotes 48, Merced Bears 42

Player of the game: Colt Nelson had himself a ball game. Nelson passed for over 400 yards and six scores. His big-play arm dazzled the Coyote crowd, giving the team their third win in a bounce-back season. His longest play was over 60 yards.

Play of the game: Jayson Regua opened up second half with a short catch which he broke off for more than 60 yards for the touchdown. The momentum spurned the Coyotes on to victory.

Unsung hero: Play calling- The awareness to attack the weaker Merced secondary proved to be beneficial. Nelson passed for more than 400 yards and receivers caught a total of six touchdown passes.

Drive of the game: The Coyotes mustered a game-winning drive in the fourth quarter than summed up their night perfectly. They competed, took the hits and in the end, still had enough to seal the win on their final drive. The Coyotes used a balanced attack both in the air and on the ground to finish the game. Jayson Regua ran for a first down and also caught a 30-yard ball to set up the game winning 25-yard touchdown.


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