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Liberty student created Beyond the Game

Liberty High School senior Kaleb Roth is trying to make his mark not only on the Liberty Hawks football field, but also in the realm of philanthropy.

Roth started a donation drive titled, “Beyond the Game” to collect donations for Valley Children’s Hospital. Basically, his goal is to raise $10 per point Liberty football scores.

“I love football,” Roth said. “I thought, ‘What can I do to make it more significant than winning a few football games?’ That’s great and I love winning games. When I graduate, it’s done. This kind of adds some significance to playing football and it will leave a lasting effect far after I’ve graduated.”

In the first year of the campaign, Roth was trying to reach a goal of $2,500 and exceeded that by a wide margin.

“Last year, gave away $4,000,” he said. “I thought it was phenomenal. To be able to far surpass that goal was amazing to me. My goal this year is $5,000.”

Roth and his teammates have already gotten off to a quick start this season, scoring 96 points in victories over Firebaugh and Mendota.

“My teammates love it and fully support the idea,” Roth said. “It just adds another dimension. Let’s win the football game for the team and for Valley Children’s.”

Roth is also a big contributor himself. In two games, he has gained 322 yards and has scored five touchdowns.

“It adds another dimension to scoring touchdowns,” Roth said. “Now, scoring touchdowns not only help my team, but it’s also raising money for Valley Children’s Hospital. It’s another level of, ‘I’ve got to score, now.’”

Roth is hoping with last year’s success, he will be able to get more businesses to donate to Beyond the Game.

“Last year, it was getting people to know what it is and introducing it to the team, the community, to people in the Ranchos and to businesses,” he said. “This year, I think it has a little bit of momentum. I hope Valley Children’s will help out a little with the promoting before we have a big check to give them. I hope more and more people hear about it. They were very, very grateful. I got a lot of thank yous from them. It was very humbling.”

Roth is also getting the support of Valley Children’s Hospital.

“So far, they have told me to let them know when I am getting donations for Beyond the Game,” he said. “They said they want to help. I’ve been in contact with them and she knows local reporters and get some interviews to promote it.”

Roth has had a few donations come in, but hoped to get more Friday night at Liberty’s first home game of the season.

“We’ve already had a few donations,” he said. “Our first home game Friday, and it’s the unofficial kick off to Beyond the Game. Just because we’re home and we can announce it. It’s a big way to promote it.”

Roth will have donation jars set up at the concession stand and anyone who wishes to donate can contact him at 905-4128. Donors can also go to the high school to drop off donations.

“The goal is $10 per point,” he said. “But anything is, obviously, greatly appreciated. It all goes to our set goal of $10 per point.

“I will be thrilled to let it known that the Hawks donate $10 for every point they score,” Roth said. “If it’s a known idea, it will be great.”


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