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MUSD employee on leave amid probe; Misconduct with student alleged

Madera Unified School District placed a school employee on unpaid leave Tuesday after a fellow worker claimed there was improper conduct between the staff person and a student. Law and school officials are investigating.

The district notified the student’s family Tuesday, according to the superintendent’s office.

“It is important to emphasize that MUSD staff brought this situation to light through their training and a prompt response by school officials,” said MUSD Superintendent Todd Lile. “We hope this encourages all our employees to be vigilant and act swiftly according to their training to ensure student safety.”

As of Thursday morning, a woman claiming to be the mother of the student had attracted about 300,000 views for multiple online videos of herself venting about the situation.

The woman, self-identified as “Desiree Genera,” said an “attractive,” 20-something Madera High School security guard was in the process of “grooming” her 14-year-old daughter for a romantic relationship. The pair communicated, she said, using the mobile instant messaging service Snapchat, which removes access to sent messages, videos and images after a day or sooner.

“Genera” also alleges a former MHS student came forward to her upon learning of the most recent incident and shared about how she and the same guard began a relationship during her senior year. She shared images of what she claims are the guard’s smartphone messages to the former student. These include a series of texts that read, “Babe, just one thing before you go to sleep, that I would never hurt you or your daughter. You guys mean the world to me at this point in life and I would love to be part of your family. You are what I been missing in my life.”

All recent messages, information and photographs have been hidden from public view on the Facebook website profile of the security guard “Genera” identified as being involved.

According to the superintendent’s office, all MUSD staff pass “extensive” background checks before working with student, and also receive annual training about professional behavior and state-mandated reporting of any abuse or neglect of minors.

“Our employees are trained annually in what to report, how to prioritize student safety and what to look for — and our employees did their job. They reported correctly. We opened up the investigation. We contacted the parents,” an MUSD employee said on behalf of the superintendent’s office. “The things we were trained to do, we did correctly.”

MUSD would not offer details on the ongoing investigation. “We hope the public will understand how sensitive these subjects can be,” Lile said. “Statements cannot be made that might compromise our investigation or negatively impact the investigation of law enforcement. Our responsibility is to students always, while balancing the rights of all involved.”

Madera High School Principal Robin Cosgrove confirmed the involvement of the school, district and Madera Police Department in an automated telephone call to MHS parents Wednesday evening.

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