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Readers pleased by backpack giveaway

John Rieping/The Madera Tribune

Seventh grade students wait to receive their free JanSport backpack Friday in the Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School gymnasium. Fresno State University and United Way of Fresno and Madera Counties partnered with Madera Unified School District for the giveaway. JanSport has promised lifetime repairs for the backpacks, United Way said it would remain involved with MLK this year, and Fresno State said the 7th graders will be eligible for a college scholarship.


The Madera Tribune met the following comments online about articles and local happenings.

MLK School

  • “Desiree Michael Saldivar” rejoiced to hear United Way and Fresno State University gave away backpacks to all 7th graders at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School on Friday. She wrote, “That’s was really nice. My daughter goes there and she (is) a 7th grader too. Hopefully she (is) one of the lucky teens who got a backpack.”

  • “Sky Fierro” replied, “I’m an 8th grade teacher, but I believe all 7th graders got backpacks and are eligible for a full ride scholarship that will be given to one of these students when they graduate high school. Need to reinforce keeping grades up and being active on campus … (I’m) super pumped. My school getting some positive recognition! It’s a wonderful place to work!”

  • “Benny Madrigal” responded, “That is great! Go Martin Luther King Middle School! Hope that gets the kids thinking.”

  • “Frank N Marisela” wrote, “My son goes there, and JanSport backpacks? Nice! It’s highly appreciated.”

  • “Juera de Huerta” wrote in Spanish, “Many thanks for the donation of school supplies. May God bless you.”

Mike Purl

The death of community leader and businessman Mike Purl touched readers.

  • “Anne Lozano” wrote, “Sad to hear. Thoughts and prayers go out to the family.”

  • “Timothy Riche” wrote, “One of the best!”

  • “Marie Juarez” wrote, “Rest in peace, Mr. Purl.”

  • “Terri Morin” wrote, “So many loved him, so many will miss him!”

Rants and raves

  • Rant — Madera Ranchos residents claimed to feel sick after smelling an odor they believe came from an almond orchard sprayed by a pesticide called Vulcan, according to local media reports. “Felipe Grimaldo” wrote on Friday, “Yeah it happened a few days ago and my kids were at soccer practice at Ranchos Middle School. My wife smelled it right away, and I thought that someone was pouring tar on a roof or something. Turns out we were actually smelling pesticides.”

  • Rave — “Dawn Swinton” wrote, “Thank you, Dr. Ashraf, for keeping my mom healthy.”

  • Rave — “Joyce Van Curen Thomas” rated the Tribune with five stars. She wrote, “I love reading about things happening in my hometown. I also love reading the articles that were written 25 and 50 years ago.”


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