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Nemat creates ag equipment

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune

Nemat Inc. founder Mike Nemat and employees and guests celebrate the cutting of a ceremonial ribbon in July.


Nemat Inc. is an engineering and manufacturing company based in Madera that specializes in producing equipment, including agricultural equipment.

Mike Nemat, 65, founded Nemat Inc. in 1994. Nemat moved from Iran to the United States when he was 14. He lived in Iowa for two years, then moved to California. Nemat was drawn to the field of engineering.

“I like innovation and creating things,” he said.

Nemat earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Fresno State University in 1982. He worked as an industrial engineer and later earned a master’s degree from Fresno State in industrial management in 1987.

Nemat founded Nemat Inc. in Aptos, after being laid off from the company he was working for previously. He had an interest in embarking on a new business venture.

“I wanted to explore something different,” Nemat said.

The company moved to Madera in 2009 to reduce costs.

“We were constantly looking for ways to keep costs low,” Nemat said. “Our mission is to be a domestic high quality manufacturer.”

Nemat said the city of Madera helps his business thrive for several reasons.

“It’s a smaller community. I like the people who are in Madera,” Nemat said. “The government is business friendly.”

Nemat Inc. manufactures equipment for the vacuum coating industry, which includes items such as computer chips and aluminum inside of chip bags. Nemat Inc. also produces equipment for food production and agriculture.

Kyle Garrison, a mechanical engineer for Nemat Inc., said working for the business feels “family-like.”

“It’s kind of rare, I guess, to have a office environment that’s as open as it is here. We all get to talk to each other in the same room,” Garrison said. “When problems come up, we’re all right there.”

Norma Cron, Nemat Inc. operations manager, said that Nemat is “very knowledgeable and is always looking for ways to generate income with a focus on made in the USA products.”

On July 14, Nemat Inc. launched Lean Solar. Lean Solar develops, manufactures and installs solar systems. Lean Solar’s solar systems have payback periods of 3-5 years.

“Currently, you’re looking at 7-9 years for other solar systems,” Nemat said.

Nemat said his company’s solar systems cost approximately 30 percent less than other solar systems.

In addition, Nemat Inc., developed a solar system for their facility. He said the solar system has reduced the company’s electricity bill by 80 percent.

Garrison also worked on Nemat Inc.’s solar system.

“I get to create products from nothing and it’s very rewarding to see those come into actuality,” Garrison said.

Nemat launched Lean Solar because he wanted to provide customers with solar systems at a lower cost, as well as reduce costs for his own company.

“We became very knowledgeable about solar and what’s available,” Nemat said. “We have a lot of education regarding this industry. We want to take those things and educate our customers.”

Nemat feels that solar power is crucial because it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and helps preserve the environment.

“Earth is the only place that has life that we know of,” Nemat said. “We don’t know any other place we can live on.”

Nemat said solar power can also benefit agriculture.

“Most farmers rely on pumps to draw water from their wells and that’s a really high cost,” Nemat said. “So, solar power would help them reduce their electricity bill.”

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