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Editor's Corner: No shortage of things to do in Madera

The National Night Out events of last week got thousands of Maderans out of their houses and into neighbors’ yards and the Madera Fairgrounds for the purpose of getting to know their neighborhoods better and learning more about their city.

Thanks to neighborhood volunteers, city officials and law-enforcement authorities, the events did what they were supposed to do and then some on two hot nights that normally would have seen people holed up in their air-conditioned houses and apartments.

Madera has supported the National Night Out movement for years, and recently has ranked toward the top in the state for the quality and quantity of the celebrations.

Sometimes people complain that there’s nothing to do in Madera, but the National Night Out events put that complaint to rest.

So do many of the other happenings on the city’s agenda just for the next 30 days.

  • The Annual Lifetime Achievement Awards Banquet is set for Thursday night, Aug. 17, at Hatfield Hall.

  • Nationally acclaimed pianist John Nilsen will perform a free concert Friday evening, Aug. 18, at Madera United Methodist Church.

  • High School football will begin its season on Friday, Aug. 25, and run every weekend through Nov. 3, plus playoffs. Other fall sports also will swing into action.

  • The Madera District Fair will begin its annual four-day run Thursday, Sept. 10, at the Madera District Fairgrounds, with carnival rides, exhibits, and live entertainment featured every afternoon and evening. This huge event is expected to draw 50,000 visitors.

  • Watch The Madera Tribune for news of all these events, upcoming and after they happen.

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