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Letter: We know too little about life, and still have a long way to travel

As astronomers search the star, they hope we’re not alone. It’s a chilling thought that we could be the best the universe has. We have a long way to go, to be worthy of that.

We have a lot to learn about natural cycles of our home, in order to prosper or even survive. These many queries must be understood, asked and the answered. While the burning of fossil fuels and global warming is a very real danger, there are many more challenges and perils.

For example, when is the next ice age?

We know so little about what has gotten us to the here and now.

Our economic system is of our own making and it’s tearing itself apart. While we have been able to stop a depression, we have not been able to produce the purge that occurs during a collapse.

True capitalism renews itself with a crash, cleansing itself every 50 years. We cannot sustain the level of waste and corruption that has been created. As this unbalance continues to grow, it tears at the heart of our society.

With such a concentration of wealth, those few who are wealthy isolate themselves over generations of entitlement and don’t begin to understand or see the need for today’s violence.

After a falling down, it may be the only road available to those who failed to reach a sustainable level. Violence gave birth to this nation, and its path we are headed down again.

We cannot look to the government we have now for help, as long as negative votes win the presidency and corruption runs wild in Congress.

A hard change is needed.

— Richard DaSilva, Madera

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