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Principal Netherton remembered and praised

Courtesy of Madera County Historical Society

Twenty-five years ago, Jack Netherton had an emotional final week at Alpha Elementary School. The school principal retired after 38 years with the Madera Unified School District.


The Madera Tribune met the following comments online about articles and local happenings.

Jack Netherton

Bill Coate’s “Snapshots of Madera’s Yesteryears” column led many readers to comment on the late Jack Netherton.

  • “Cynthia Armiento” wrote, “Mr. Netherton Amazing principal. Great memories.”

  • “Charlotte Brewer” wrote, “Hired me for my first job. They don’t make them like him anymore! I can still see him leading the parade to Alpha from Madison wearing his derby and suit!”

  • “Renee Pea” wrote, “Oh, I remember that parade too. I was a kindergartener in Mrs. Aldama’s class. I remember wanting my mom to carry me because I thought it was too far. Mr. Netherton is unforgettable.”

  • “Rosie Rosie” wrote, “I also remember the parade. I was a 6th grader with Mr Beckman. Would be nice to see those pics. I agree there is no one like him.”

  • “Teresa Maciel” wrote, “He was the kindest neighbor. His wife is still alive and also a very sweet lady.”

  • “Jennifer Marie Garcia” wrote, “He was my principal at Madison when I was there K-6. He was an outstanding principal!”

  • “Irma Rios” wrote, “Loved participating in the Netherton relays! Great memories.”

  • “Lupe Rodriguez Lopez” wrote, “In 35 years of teaching, he was my favorite principal. Loved him dearly.”

  • “Yvonne Solis-John Arellano” wrote, “He was a wonderful boss. Knew all the kids by name.”

  • “Janet Billington” wrote, “He was a great boss as well as a good friend. We still miss him. He was special!”

  • “Melinda Rodriguez” wrote, “He was my principal at the old Alpha school. He was a great mentor and respected by all of those who worked with him.”

Torres High

Readers reacted to news that Madera’s newest high school would be named after the late school counselor Matilda Torres.

  • “Frank Wortham” wrote, “What? That’s stupid.”

  • “Meli Martinez” wrote, “I like it.”

  • “Steve Torres” wrote, “Thank you to the community for all the support. We appreciate it. Thank you, The Madera Tribune.”

  • “Alma MG” wrote, “Inspiring story; congratulations to the Torres family.”

  • “Pedro Machuca” replied, “My high school counselor,” followed by two thumbs up.

  • “Matilda Torres High School Campaign” wrote, “Lets give it up to Madera Tribune! Thank you!”

  • “Mary Thomsen” wrote, “My daughter had Mrs. Torres as her high school counselor. She really cared for her students and gave them great advice. The Madera Tribune article stated that the school will be finished in 2019. I live one block away from the new campus and it will be great that children will be attending from pre-K all the way through high school in one place.”

  • Rail work

  • Some weren’t pleased to hear that high-speed rail construction would close part of two county roads, avenues 11 and 15.

  • “Eric Jackson” wrote, “Well, ain’t this some BS. I use Ave. 15 sometimes.”

  • “Rachel Waits Meisner” wrote, “There goes my commute, not to mention the inconvenience for our farmers during their harvest this fall and operations for the upcoming year!”

  • “Myron Gomes” wrote, “Just another sad part of the boondoggle!”

  • “George Mochizuki” wrote, “Avenue 8 (is) already closed and no expectation of reopening Lake Street at BNSF (Railway) closed.”

  • “Irmalinda Rodriguez” wrote, “Great! All because of this stupid rail all just to go uphill on mountains.”

Salute to Ag

  • “California Ag Solutions” shared a Tribune article and wrote, “The Madera Tribune wrote a great article about Tom Rogers and what he’s done to save water on his family orchard when they needed it most.”

  • “Sharon Waranius” shared the same article on Rogers and wrote, “Are you a farmer looking to save water? There’s some interesting ideas in this article.”

  • “J.J. McKibbin” reacted to an article about Freeman Farms. He wrote, “Cats should not be kept on farms due to the fact that they are the definitive host for the brain parasite, toxoplasma gondii. Free-roaming cats shed the parasite’s infectious microscopic oocysts (egg cells) in their feces by the tens of millions. The oocysts are very durable and can remain viable in soil or water for 18 months or more.”

Rants and raves

Rant — At news that three Valley cities — Lemoore, Exeter and Hanford — have had to tighten local government budgets, “Dale Drozen” wrote, “As the country digs out and begins to build, Moonbeams big spending is killing California.”

Rant — In response to news that average rent is up in Fresno, “Gary Hall” wrote, “Everywhere.” Rave — “City of Fresno — Office of the City Manager” shared an Editor’s Corner column that praised Fresno’s installation of a high-capacity water system. “City of Fresno” wrote, “We understand the inconvenience this project has caused for many residents but it’s a short-term inconvenience for long-term benefits.”


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