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Mixed reaction to ACLU v. supes

The Madera Tribune met the following comments online about articles and local happenings.

Brown Act

Some claimed to be angry or surprised by allegations made in the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California lawsuit against the Madera County Board of Supervisors. The board allegedly violated the state’s open meeting law, the Brown Act, by secretly directing a change in jail policy.

  • “Brad Smith” wrote, “Cooperate away” with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

  • “William Rogers” wrote, “Even county supervisors cannot secretly hold people in jail beyond their release date, without a warrant supplied by ICE, which ICE does not provide.”

  • “John Martin” wrote, “Everyone in Madera County especially should share this (article)! Madera County is abiding by federal law when dealing with illegal criminals! The board of supervisors for the county told the jail to comply with federal law! Good for them! I am proud of them in the face of the state powers that are harboring offenders and making California more dangerous for it’s legal citizens!”

  • “Scott Rekvold Leasum” wrote, “The question is not whether or not to cooperate with ICE. The question was, did Madera County Board of Supervisors violate the state regulations of transparency by ordering the director of corrections to cooperate in a meeting that was closed to the public.”

  • “Frances Burger” wrote, “Who cares! All agencies must join forces together and protect our country.”

  • “Trina Marie Gonzales” wrote, “Not a surprise from the board or Chief (of Corrections Manuel) Perez!”

  • “Krystine Lew” wrote, “Sounds like a Brown Act violation.”

  • “Andrew Smith” wrote, “Good job, Madera!”

  • “Matthew Lowell Conner” wrote, “If the ACLU is upset, then Madera probably did the right thing.”

  • “Kevin Cave” wrote, “Why would they not cooperate with ICE?”

  • “Andrew Gallagher” wrote, “What a joke. Telling ICE when a person with felonies is being released is a bad thing? Another reason the state of California is a joke and filled with crime.”

  • “Walter Shafer” wrote, “Just doing the right thing. More power to them.”

  • “Michelle Marie Thornton” wrote, “(With) felons who are here illegally, it should be the law to call ICE.”

  • “Kris Hamilton” wrote, “So, the board will now spend more taxpayer dollars defending this? There is no in-house counsel and (I) believe the attorney fees just went up. Madera County’s residents deserve so much better. Kind of hard to find money for fire and police protection when it is squandered defending this. Who is managing whom? Rhetorical question.”

  • “April Molina” replied, “So, what would you have them do? They’re being sued. I guess having no defense is what you are wanting?”

  • “Kris Hamilton” answered, “Asking them to follow the basic rules that they are taught to follow to avoid this very scenario. This type of violation isn’t just an ‘accident.’ Being in this position is unnecessary and flat irresponsible. No excuse to be in this position and wasting taxpayer dollars. If they had to pay out of pocket, my guess (is) this situation would not exist. Board, county counsel and Mr. Fleming are all responsible for ensuring ethic and legal rules are followed. That’s seven people, and yet they still can’t follow the rules?”

  • “Maria Barajas” wrote, “Double wow!”

  • “Cindy Chidlaw Diaz” wrote, “What’s new? What a waste. We need fire and sheriff at Mariposa (yet) nobody trusts the board of supervisors with money so Measure L failed.”

  • “Abimael Vargas” wrote, “The good ol’ boys showing their desire to maintain the status quo at any cost!”

  • “Stephen Alva” wrote, “Threw the chief (of corrections) under the bus! Well, (he) should have obeyed the law, but I am sure the chief has little to do with this.”

  • “Joe Reyes” wrote, “The Madera Probation Dept. does the same thing and calls ICE when they believe they have an illegal in their caseload.”

  • “Derek Isaak” wrote, “California is not above federal law!”

  • “Devon De La Cruz” wrote, “California people, (Gov.) Jerry Brown, and others should be thrown in jail for treason. I will fight for Trump.”

  • “Stephen Spencer” wrote of the Tribune’s online article on the lawsuit, “Wow, excellent reporting and clearly written!”

Rants and raves

Rant — “Lori Martinez” critiqued an article about toxicology results on a man shot to death by Madera police. “First and foremost,” she wrote, “this information is incorrect. Secondly, you should not be a reporter if you cannot even do enough research to get his age correct. Something so simple. He was 31. Dumb.”

Rant — “Mary Frederick” commented on news of a driver allegedly under the influence of marijuana running a stop sign at high speed and striking another car, killing its driver. “And they didn’t think this would be happening when they passed the marijuana law.”

Rave — “Maggie Valarello Stickler” responded to photographs of Camp Adahi, an annual summer camp for Camp Fire Heart of California. She wrote, “Best place to call home for a week.”

Rave — “Dawn Swinton” liked a photo of a 3-year-old boy, Nico, hugging Madera Police Officer Adrian Santoyo July 17. She wrote, “This is the best thing I’ve seen today.”


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