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Nishimotos lauded for kindness, legacy

The Madera Tribune received the following comments online and by email on recent articles and local happenings. Nishimotos lauded

Readers responded to a June 28 article on the Nishimoto family being honored.

  • “Rafaela Ruiz” wrote: “The Nishimotos helped my family out when we were so poor and couldn’t afford food. I remember my family and I would be handed a box full of groceries when we walked in and we didn’t even ask for help. Sunny could spot a family in need because he was empathic and a kind man. They were a blessing for lots of families in the same situation as mine. Thank you for your generosity and kindness. It has never been forgotten and will always be appreciated.”

  • “Jack Porter” wrote: “Sunny and Keith were great men who cared about their community. The lessons from their lives are a great asset to this community and I hope their life stories are shared within Madera Unified (School District) to future generations.”

  • “Todd Lile” wrote: “I agree. The school embodies the legacy nicely but it’s truly bigger than that!”

Untimely market

“Megan Patino” wrote of an article on the Valley Children’s Hospital farmers market being open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Fridays: “I wish they would pick a time outside of business hours so more people could go.” Madera crime

In response to the killing of Latisha Logan on June 26 at a west Madera apartment complex, “Renaé Thornton” wrote, “Is it me or is the crime rate in Madera worse than ever before?”, and “Wanda Hoetker” replied, “By the day!!”

In response to a Madera police alert about synthetic narcotic Fentanyl, “Paubla Maya” writes: “I’m the mother of four boys, ages 17-8 years old, I and no other mother will want our kids on this nasty stuff. So if anyone knows or sees somebody selling it, please let the police know. Please keep our kids safe.”

After Madera police arrest a man who had a loaded firearm that was reported stolen, “Jim Curry” wrote, “Good job, MPD,” and “Shirley Brugetti Brimager” agreed, “Thank you, Madera police, for keeping us safe!” Riley vs. rail

Locals reacted to local Steel Structures and Riley Brewing Co.reaching a settlement with the High-Speed Rail Authority that will allow the companies to remain in business.

  • “Gil Soto” wrote: “Daniel and Goliath! And Daniel wins! Awesome news!”

  • “Jason Remner” wrote: “Screw Moonbeam and his job killing manifestos.”

  • “Shana Tomlinson” wrote: “Awesome.”

  • “Bonnie Elia” wrote: “Congrats.”

  • “Michelle Duncan” wrote: “Great news, Steel Structures!!”

  • "Gloria Molina” wrote: “Congrats, Dan, on a job well done.”

  • “Dolores Rabbon” wrote: “Right on. Thank God!”

  • “Elda Adame” wrote: “Congratulations!!”

Doubtful days

Upon reading Cathie Campbell’s food column on National Onion Ring Day (a fake holiday), “Bonnie Hendrickson” wrote: “Who declares these days?!?” Kudos and joy

  • About 2017 all-star Tea Layne, who played in the City vs County game, “Trisha Logsden” wrote: “So proud of her and all of our kids.”

  • “Susan Earl” wrote: “My little kitty, baby Carlyle, ran away from home on June 28, and on Saturday’s weather page (July 1) I see the 9-month-old orange male (cat) ... with his new girlfriends, cats. I was so surprised I got two more Madera Tribune (copies) to share photos of these cats.”

  • “Francine Mejia” commented July 1 on both the Tribune’s official Facebook page and on its new Facebook group, “Madera News & Views” – “I think this is a great alternative to having to scour several local Facebook pages to find out about local events and happening in Madera. Good job, Madera Tribune!”

  • About coffee kiosk controversy writing published June 24, “Cesar Murillo Lomeli” wrote: “The coffee kiosk opinion article was great!”

Rants and raves ...

  • Rant — An emailer writes, after the passage of Madera’s new code enforcement ordinance for rental housing: “This is going to be very inconvenient for me. The rentals I have are not fancy. Yet, I am sure they meet code, but I am afraid I might have to repair things that don’t really need to be repaired.”

  • Rave — From a happy emailer: “I’m so glad to see water in the Fresno River this time of year. I hope they’re timing it so we’ll be seeing water late into the season. It was good the county cleaned out the riverbed, or it would be a mess in there now, with a lot of that precious water being wasted.”

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