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Letter: It’s about time city dealt with bad housing

Bravo to the Madera City Council for unanimously voting to introduce a city ordinance to strengthen the Municipal Code in the monitoring of substandard rental housing.

City staff and the Tribune have thoroughly documented a significant number of blatant violations of municipal and state codes by landlords in our community.

While it is unfortunate that the miserable, poor behavior of a few affect the vast majority of the honorable landlords of the community, isn’t this the reason for a good number of necessary rules and regulations we have? (The misbehavior of the few affects the many.)

Rather than fighting the city on this passage of this necessary, regulatory process, the real estate and rental businesses of Madera should work cooperatively with the city to push for this type of legislation and monitor and demand effective and efficient implementation.

There is one more step and vote for the council to take for final approval of this ordinance. It is heartening to see the entire council in support of this ordinance.

Let’s support their continuation in this direction and a fair and effective implementation of the inspection program.

— Ron and Betty 
Manfredi Madera

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