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Chowchilla OKs electronic gateway sign on SR 99

Courtesy of City of Chowchilla

A conceptual rendering of the design for a planned electronic "gateway" sign on State Route 99.


The Chowchilla City Council has approved the design for a modern electronic “gateway” sign on State Route 99 to market the city and its local businesses.

The marketing sign, owned by Community Electronic Informational Signage, will be a monument-style digital electronic gateway welcome sign with a brick finish and landscaping. It will feature the city’s name arching over the top — in homage to the historic Chowchilla Arch. The sign will show static images that will change roughly every 6-8 seconds.

“There are so many great activities going on in Chowchilla,” said Mayor Mary Gaumnitz, “yet most people traveling Highway 99 have no idea.”

The city plans to use the sign to promote various community events and activities, according to Chowchilla City Administrator Brian Haddix, who said the sign will show “to all passersby ... Chowchilla’s strong commitment to its history while stepping forward into the future.

According to a report to the Chowchilla City Council, CEIS will cover all of the cost of the monument and sign as well as its ongoing maintenance and surrounding landscaping. In return, CEIS will gain income from local advertising displayed on the sign about 86 percent of the time. The remaining 14 percent of display time will be given to city government, and emergency services announcements will be able to pre-empt other advertisements.

The new sign will be located just south of Robertson Boulevard on northbound SR 99. The site was chosen to maximize its audience as it is a high traffic location, according to contract planner Annalisa Perea.

The Chowchilla City Council approved CEIS’ proposed 25-foot tall, 21-foot wide, free-standing sign on Feb. 15, and looked at renderings for the sign, and other similar signs designed by CEIS, during its May 9 meeting. By itself, the digital display will be about 7 feet tall.

CEIS anticipates construction within the next few months.

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