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2017 All-Madera Tribune 
girls soccer team

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune Madera South’s Gigi Gutierrez (ABOVE) was the team’s leading scorer, but also played a number of roles for the Stallions, including forward and sweeper. Madera midfielder Mia Alvarez (BELOW) was adept at scoring from long-range. Taking a free kick from 35-yards out was no problem for Alvarez. Both were named The Madera Tribune’s girls soccer Co-Most Valuable Players.


Most Valuable Players

Gigi Gutierrez Senior Forward 
Madera South

Mia Alvarez Junior Midfielder Madera

Although Madera South got the better of Madera High this season, both Gigi Gutierrez and Mia Alvarez proved to be important players for their respective teams. Gutierrez’s nose for goals, leading her team all season, or Alvarez’s deft touch in the midfield contributed to success for both teams. They share the award this season for representing Madera with the utmost skill and sportsmanship.

Gutierrez was easily the most important player on the pitch for the Stallions. Her ability to play anywhere on the pitch allowed her coach to plug her in wherever the team needed her. Her goal scoring and clinical vision carried an already potent Stallions front line. Gutierrez was the County/Metro Athletic Conference Most Valuable Player, rightfully so for her exceptional performances on the pitch.

With a calmness and first touch above the rest, Alvarez was the queen maestro of the Coyotes midfield. Her quick decisions and burst of speed gave her defenders fits all season. Although a midfield player by trade, Alvarez was adapt in getting up field and taking shots on goal. As a junior, Alvarez looks forward to next season where she’ll be able to set the league on fire one last time. She was a first team All-CMAC selection. The Team

Sabrina Ibrahim Senior Midfielder Madera South

Ibrahim combined immense pace and strength this past season to help lead her team and grab a spot on the first team All-CMAC. Playing as a midfielder, Ibrahim’s ability to play distribute the ball in the right situations added an edge to a player already a step ahead of everyone else. Raina Wristen Senior Forward 

Earning a spot on both the North Sequoia All-league and All-Madera lists, Wristen continues to show how great an athlete she is. After winning the NSL MVP last year, Wristen did only what a competitor like her could do, win it again. Although Wristen led her team to the section championship for the third straight year, her willingness to keep improving was evident all season, improving her goal tally by six to 33 goals and she dished out a team-high 19 assists, as well. Brooke Gill Sophomore Forward Madera

Gill combined her attacking mentality and her ability to create chances from the up front for an all-around performance finishing with five goals in 18 matches, landing her a spot on the All-CMAC first team. Her partnership with Co-MVP Alvarez proved to be a perfect match. Morgan Durazo Freshman Midfield Liberty

After winning Underclassmen of the Year in the NSL, Durazo earns a spot on the All-Madera Tribune team after scoring nine goals and setting up an impressive 16. Her ability to work with her teammates in the midfield allowed Wristen and her other teammates to reap the benefits. Only a freshman, Durazo looks to be a force for years to come. Penelopi Leach Freshman Midfield Madera

Being only a freshman, Leach played in 26 games this season, scoring two goals. But it was her teamwork and work rate for such a young player that showed her importance. Her development is key if the Coyotes expect to contend next season. Leach is a future star for the Coyotes. Julie Marroquin Junior Midfield 
Madera South

Marroquin earned herself a spot on the All-CMAC first team for her leadership and versatility. She was not only a rock in the midfield but also a strong presence in the back. With fellow leader Maria Leal, she proved to be an important asset all season. Yvette Zuniga Junior Defender Madera

The junior was featured in 21 games, scoring one goal to go along with her defensive efforts. Her tough tackling and awareness helped her become a constant for the Coyote defense. Her efforts landed her on the All-CMAC first team. Noemi Cabello Sophomore Defender Madera

Cabello proved to be a warrior on the pitch after featuring in 24 matches. Her lone assist doesn’t tell the whole story. Her ability to facilitate in the midfield along with her teammates showed her importance to the team. Defensively she was strong and flexible while offensively she was a handful, giving her a place on the All-CMAC second team. Anyssa Garcia Junior Defender Madera

Featured in over 20 games and scoring three goals, Garcia was voted to the first team All-CMAC. Her ability to defend with strength but also get up the field gave her team a dynamic option on the pitch. Although her goal scoring threat was not there every game, Garcia made the most of her chances, landing her a spot on the team. Yuliana Lomeli Senior Defender Madera South

Earning a first team spot on the All-CMAC list, Lomeli proved to be a valuable asset on the pitch. Focusing more on the defensive side, Lomeli was a rock in the heart of defense. Lomeli acted quick and purposefully to clear the danger from her back line. Her quickness was evident throughout the year, giving the Stallions comfort knowing Lomeli always had their back. Maria Leal Senior Defender Madera South

Leal was a leader in the back for the Stallions. The senior made the first team All-CMAC proving her discipline and focus on the pitch. Her effort and strength was a concise entry presence in the back all season. Gabriela Jaime Junior Defender Madera South

Jaime’s immense pace and hard work both on and off the pitch landed her a spot on the All-CMAC first team. Her tough approach to the game showed week in and week out. Jaime looks to instill the same mentality for her senior season next winter. Jessica Diaz Senior Goalkeeper Madera

Diaz produced some eye-popping saves this season. Although more known for her ability in the water, Diaz showed that she was reliable with multiple match winning saves. She recorded a high of 66 saves and no doubt kept her team in a few games.


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