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MUSD approves job security for interim superintendent Todd Lile

Madera Unified trustees made certain Tuesday night that Interim Superintendent Todd Lile will remain in the upper echelon of the school district’s administration, no matter what.

In an agreement approved by the board, Lile is assured of at least the associate superintendent’s job, if not the permanent superintendent’s position.

Under the terms of the contract, which is retroactive to February 23, Lile will remain interim superintendent until a new permanent superintendent is appointed.

Nothing in the agreement would preclude the board from making Lile the permanent superintendent, and knowledgeable sources within the district say he has at least a 50-50 chance of replacing his old boss, Ed Gonzalez, as Madera’s next school chief.

Meanwhile, the agreement ensures that Lile will become the district’s next associate superintendent if he is not offered the top job or if he decides he doesn’t want it. The associate superintendent’s position will become vacant on July 1.

According to the agreement, Lile will be appointed associate superintendent if the school board hires someone else to replace Gonzalez or if he decides before July 1 that he no longer wants to be interim superintendent. In that case, the district would create a temporary administrative position for Lile at the same salary he earned as a chief academic officer. On July 1, he would move up to the associate superintendent’s position.

While he serves as interim superintendent, Lile’s salary will be $180,000, prorated on a monthly basis. The district will provide him with a cell phone or pay him $100 per month if he decides to use his own phone for school business.

The district will also pay Lile’s membership dues in a local service club of his choice as well as his dues in the Association of California School Administrators.

Lile will also receive the normal health and welfare benefits, vacation time, and sick leave accorded every employee.


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