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Madera County Grand Jury seeks applicants

The Madera County Grand Jury is seeking applications from county citizens who would like to serve on the 2017 panel.

“The Grand Jury’s purpose is to guard the public interest by keeping watch over numerous government agencies, cities and districts throughout the county as the only independent investigative body in the county,” according to a news release from the Grand Jury office. “It is created for the protection of society and enforcement of the law.”

Each of California’s 58 counties has a sitting Grand Jury responsible for civil government oversight and review of citizen complaints. Madera County’s Grand Jury also is empowered to participate in criminal investigations through indictment hearings if needed.

Grand jurors are a volunteer group of 19 citizens from throughout the county who are selected and appointed by the presiding judge of the Superior Court to serve a one-year term.

“Qualifications include U.S. citizenship, over 18 years of age, county residency for at least one year, of sound judgment, with no felony convictions, and possession of sufficient knowledge of English,” says the release.

“Serving on the Grand Jury is a unique opportunity to make a difference and to help improve local government. It is an exercise of rights on behalf of the people to investigate and report on the activities and operations of local government agencies and to offer recommendations to better our community.”

Those interested in serving on the Grand Jury can obtain an application and questionnaire from the Madera County Jury Commissioner by calling 675-7730.

The application can also be accessed by clicking on the icon to the right of “Grand Jury Questionnaire” on the Madera County website


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