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Writer has doubts about Measure L

How do I feel about Measure L? The same way I felt about Measure A when it failed to provide money for roads.

Measure A was advertised by then-Supervisor McIntyre to fix roads. That measure, as with Measure T, stole money from roads to build two overpasses for developers, not roads for the people of Madera County.

Some in the foothills got roads re-surfaced, but here on the valley floor we got hit and miss (heavy on the miss) pothole filling. Not repair. Our county, as with all government, takes, and gives just enough to be able to ask for more.

Why, I ask, do government people (servants) receive more compensation than outside taxpayer employees? We are paying you through taxes on our income and property. Shouldn’t you be making less and not more?

I think its time that we should be getting back and not giving more. County employees were put on furlough when times were tight. They still kept their jobs, retirement and benefits, rather than some losing their jobs during this time.

When things got better, what did they do? They sued, and won.

So, instead of being grateful, they stole from us to receive back pay for days off. So, they actually got more paid vacation.

Measure ‘L’ states 80 percent would go to fire. How many retired fire chiefs are we supporting now? I think five. Isn’t that a lot? Forty to 50 years of retirement per chief is kind of ridiculous, especially at their rate! No, I think money should come from with-in. Reduced pay and benefits. Especially at the top, nonproductive levels.

Tax increases cry the same thing over and over: Schools, safety, better infrastructure (roads). However, nothing ever happens. 1 percent is a big increase. Not the 1/4 percent that we see so often.

Madera is in competition with Fresno for dollars now. We don’t really shop here. We go to Fresno. We eat in Fresno, and now, many live in Fresno.

All Madera road money goes to pave 12, 9 and 7. These are Fresno routes. There is a sticker that says “My job depends on AG.” Perhaps we taxpayers should put a sticker on all government vehicles that says “My job depends on taxes.” So, what do I say to measure L? I say ... (L) NO.

— Bill Hoffrage, Madera


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