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Years of Valentine gifts bring memories

Tuesday is Valentine’s Day. That brings to mind red and pink hearts, little fat babies called cupid with angelic wings flying around shooting love arrows at everyone. That is just one of the myths and legends associated with this greeting card-intense holiday. Some people feel coerced into spending money to illustrate something their actions show the rest of the year.

You might want to get over it or look forward to an irritated love.

On our first Valentine’s Day my husband ordered flowers and candy, delivered from the now defunct florist known as Flowers by Helen. That set the bar pretty high, and he has spent the last 40 years regretting it I’m sure.

Valentine deliveries to a workplace are a double bonus. Not only are you showing your deep affection but all her co-workers get to see it, too.

One year I received a bouquet of flowers with a plumbing hose attached. I had been nagging him for six months to replace the faucets on the kitchen sink. We bought new taps and they set in the garage waiting to be installed.

He hates plumbing but the idea of hiring someone to perform a task he can do himself is seen as a huge waste of money, he said. My real present that year was the installation of those new spigots. When we owned our home he would only start a plumbing project early in the day to make sure GBS would be open because he was sure he would need to make multiple trips for supplies.

The best part of renting a home is calling the landlord when something in the residence goes haywire.

I can’t tell you how men feel about this pseudo-holiday but I can give a little insight on how receiving Valentines makes us girls feel. It isn’t the size of the gift that matters. It is the intent and the feelings behind the gift that counts. Precious metals and stones are terrific, long-stemmed posies are, too.

While you’re at it, remember Valentines for your mothers and fathers. Also your daughters and sons. Set that aforementioned bar high so your daughters and sons expect to be treated respectfully by their future significant others.

Gift-giving holidays such as Valentine’s Day can be great for the local economy if these items are bought from reputable Madera businesses. Those little pop-up vendors on the side of the road aren’t legitimate enterprises. They dilute consumer dollars while eroding our tax base because these people operate without benefit of business licenses and pay no sales taxes. Public services such as law enforcement and firefighters rely in part on sales taxes for funding.

If you are hoping to get married on Valentine’s Day don’t think it is something that can be done on the spur of the moment.

Typically the Madera County Clerk’s office performs wedding ceremonies every 30 minutes all day long with the last service at 5:30 p.m. There is even a cute little wedding chapel available for the ceremony.

For information, fees and an appointment, call 675-7721.

Shower your lovers with jewelry, hearts and candy ... and have a great weekend

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