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Speak truth, and the abundance of freedom is yours

“Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of man, this defileth a man.” — Matthew 15:11

It is very interesting for me to watch the circus performance in our nation’s Capital. The last three weeks have been difficult for the ringmaster to get all the donkeys and elephants to perform together for the benefit of everyone in this great country.

I watched the confirmation hearings, and there was one who, I thought, really stood separate from some of the others and that was Dr. Ben Carson. He spoke the truth from the heart because that is how he had always lived his life and had been so successful in all he ever attempted to do. After the hearing of Ben, there was a person, I don’t remember if it was a donkey or an elephant, who was wondering if Ben knew anything about the housing and inner city problems. That person was concerned whether a brain surgeon would know what to do about the problems in the inner city.

That person should have read the stories of Jesus in the scriptures. Jesus worked as a carpenter by trade and still traveled the country teaching about love and goodness to everyone who would listen. This person didn’t take into consideration that Ben grew up in that kind of environment and still was able to put himself through school because he was focused on a better life than what he grew up in.

A person who sets goals and stays focused on what he wants will always receive what he is working for. The truth and being honest with one’s self is what Ben talked about in other interviews I saw.

There are people who can do many things at the same time and still enjoy life with family and friends because they let life flow through them and don’t feel it is hard work.

Watching Ben answer the questions and staying so relaxed is something the people asking the questions were having a difficult time with. I thought about a good customer I had at the truck stop for about five years. It was a company out of Los Angeles who had seven trucks all painted the same color and trimmed in great detail which made them really stand out among other trucks. The drivers all wore matching uniforms which were always neat and clean.

After a couple of months I was able to talk to some of the drivers when we were servicing the truck and found out the owner of the company was a neurosurgeon in one of the hospitals in Los Angeles. The drivers always called him “the doctor” when referring to him. It was never the boss or the owner, but always the doctor. One of the drivers told me the doctor always drove from Los Angeles to the Bay Area the first and third Sunday of each month. I would arrange my schedule to be at the shop on those two Sundays the doctor would be coming through.

I met him the third Sunday of that month and we had a very good discussion, not only about our business, but he talked about his family. He had a beautiful wife and two small children with himthe next Sunday he came through.

He talked about how his father was always pushing him to be a doctor instead of a trucker. He was a doctor to satisfy his father, but his passion was the highway and a beautiful truck. After becoming a doctor and getting a good job, his father’s manufacturing business increased so much that the doctor made a deal with his father to give him a contract to do the transporting of the product they were manufacturing and that is how he was involved with the trucking company.

Ben Carson reminded me of the doctor because he is so soft spoken, honest in his actions, always truthful with everyone he dealt with and allowed the inner feelings to guide his actions. The success of any person is created within them by an Intelligence within which gives them the freedom of joy, peace and harmony. I am sure Ben Carson, even though he is a neurosurgeon by trade, can also take care of the inner city and housing problems for the people in this country.


The Rev. Jim Fox teaches the principles of the Science of the Mind (aka New Thought or Religious Science).

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