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Why he didn’t watch Super Bowl

There was no Super Bowl for me this past Sunday. My interest in the NFL has been waning these past few years anyway, but this year I made a conscious effort to not watch. This was because of the actions of some of the players and their behavior on the field, that I find to be completely abhorrent.

Beginning with the spoiled individual from the San Francisco team dropping to one knee during the playing of the national anthem. This behavior was emulated by others as the season continued and spread to some colleges and even a high school team in the Midwest. The NFL and the team’s owner seemed befuddled how to handle this individual. Later another team came running out with a demonstration of the “Hands up! Don’t Shoot!” symbolic gesture from the incident in Ferguson, Missouri. Again the NFL did virtually nothing.

Then last but not least the Dallas Cowboys attempted to wear a device on their uniforms to show recognition of the horrendous racial assassination of five police officers from the city that bears their name. This time the NFL took real action. Yes, sir! They really cracked down this time! The order was given and they would not do this as it was considered “too controversial” Now, that is what I call some kind of leadership!

With all this and some foreknowledge of what the advertisements were going to be containing I said last Sunday: No. I have other things to do. I for one have given up on the NFL and their overpaid, spoiled, bigoted players and inept leadership. The one time enthusiasm for the league is no more.

— James L. Georges, Madera

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