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Maderans raise funds for Three Sisters Garden

Donald A. Promnitz/The Madera Tribune Women gather for tea to support the Three Sisters Demonstration Garden. Approximately 93 people came to the event.


A group of Maderans put on a tea to help raise money for the demonstration garden at the Madera Center Community College.

The tea, held Saturday at the Frank Bergon Senior Center by the Friends of Three Sisters Garden, saw 93 people attend.

“The friends of the Three Sisters Tea fundraises to support the Three Sisters Demonstration Garden that’s at the Madera Community College,” said Cindy Majors of the Friends of Three Sisters. “All the proceeds go to help maintain the garden.”

The Three Sisters Garden derives its name from a Native American farming technique, in which corn, squash and beans are interplanted. The crops, like three close sisters, are said to benefit each other, and help each plant to thrive.

Service at the tea was provided by volunteers from the Madera Sunrise Rotary Interact Club.


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