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Stallions seal win in extra time

The Madera Stallions boys soccer team was victorious after they defeated County/Metro Athletic Conference rivals San Joaquin Memorial-Fresno in overtime.

The Stallions dominated extra time for a 4-2 win Wednesday in Memorial Stadium.

“We got the result, which is always good,” Madera South head coach Fernando Delgadillo said. “The only thing I can tell my players is don’t wait that long. Our opposition was a lot weaker today than we are used to seeing, so my message to the boys was don’t let it go this far, don’t get into a dogfight when we don’t need it.”

The Stallions dominated the game until the Panthers tied it late in the second half. The game was forced into extra time where the Stallions opened up the scoring after putting one past the goalkeeper in the first half of extra time and two more in the second extra time half.

“I can’t take credit for their energy,” Delgadillo said. “All I told them after the game was we need to capitalize on our opportunities and typically the first person who scores wins the game.”

The Stallions had two great chances early in the match after Alexander Castro fired from 20 yards out in the seventh minute, but the ball was scooped up by the opposing goalkeeper.

In the ninth minute, Jesse Paz shot from point blank distance after he faked the shot to freeze his defender. The shot deflected off the goalkeeper’s gloves.

Josue Ramirez torched his defender after he darted down the left wing and delivered a cross into the box. Nathan Diaz passed it on to teammate Bryant Chavez who was unable to connect on the shot.

The Stallions scored the lone goal of the half when Miguel Barraza fired the ball past the Panther goalkeeper in the 30th minute.

The Stallions had a few opportunities in the second half, but couldn’t capitalize. In the 25th minute, Barraza shot from long distance, but the shot sailed over the bar. The Panthers would later equalize after they hit a free kick from 15 yards out.

The game headed to extra time as the Stallions looked to get back on track. The Stallions did just that after Josue Ramirez dribbled past his defender to beat the goalkeeper to take a 2-1 lead.

The rest of the damage was done in the second period of extra time after Osuna passed to Diaz for the third goal of the game. Diaz broke away and dispatched the ball, quickly beating the goalkeeper.

Osuna finished Madera South’s scoring after he caught the Panther goalkeeper off his lines to end the game.

The Stallions dominated the extra time to secure a 4-2 victory.


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