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Don’t get angry — learn to forgive

“Be not hasty in thy Spirit to be angry: for anger rests in the bosom of fools.” — Ecclesiastes 7:9

I read a short story in a magazine the other day that brought back a lot of memories of my past that I have been trying to release.

The job I had back East required a lot of responsibilities on my part and along with the job demands come the days that my quick temper brought about thoughts and comments that later I would regret. It is hard to retract any harsh words you direct towards another person because those words or comments stick in that person’s mind forever. There are some people that can let the harsh words roll off their back and don’t give them a thought because they understand the situation you were in and knew you didn’t mean what you said.

Anger is not one of the attributes of the Creative Intelligence of the Universe (God), even though Jesus got angry at the money changers in the temple. This shows us that we do have within us the ability to express anger when we experience something that can bring harm and embarrassment to other people as well as ourselves.

The attributes of God are love, life, light, peace, power, beauty and joy. When you can recognize those attributes in other people then there is no reason for you to get angry.

The anger you have towards other people is only hurting you because it takes away the ability for you to express love, and the other person may not even know your feelings toward them. The things I am releasing are the experiences I had that brought anger toward others. I am replacing those thoughts with forgiving thoughts for myself and to be forgiven by the people I got angry with. I have now taken charge of my life and am seeing things in a new way and adding love and forgiveness.

I no longer allow the anger to creep in because I recognize the attributes of the Creative Intelligence (God) in other people or situations. I give thanks for the experience and I forgive those involved as well as myself if I had a thought of anger or a thought of judgment towards other people. I have found that life is such a joy when I am able to recognize the good in all my experiences and express the love that flows through me out to others.

I find that the situations that used to bring thoughts of anger and judgment don’t show up any more. The more you replace the anger thoughts with thoughts of love and forgiveness, then that is what you are going to experience the most of. If you continue to get angry and judge the things that happen in your life then you will continue to get more of those kinds of situations, because you give those thoughts more power each time you get angry and use judgment.

The verse from Ecclesiastes has a lot of meaning because it does no one any good to get angry and make fools of themselves.

There is never anything resolved out of anger because it is impossible to be angry and love at the same time. Love is what resolves everything because God is all there is, and God is Love.


The Rev. Jim Fox teaches the principles of the Science of the Mind (aka New Thought or Religious Science).

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