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Learn to forgive and build your future

“If you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.”— Matthew 6:14

Forgiveness means to forgive for, exchanging one set of beliefs for another.

There are those who hold onto something that they felt hurt them in the past and will not let it go. The resentment and anger they carry in their minds is like poison to the soul. That kind of trash you put in your thoughts only serves as a block, keeping you from a life of peace, joy and happiness. It is so easy to exchange those kinds of beliefs for a set of beliefs that allow you the wisdom you need to forgive all who have brought hurt and harm to you. When you are able to forgive others, then it is easy to forgive yourself.

With the New Year just over the horizon, a lot of people will be making resolutions to change things in their way of life to bring happiness to them and their families. It is great to make plans like that and then follow through when one recognizes and knows what is keeping one unhappy now. When one takes inventory of one’s life and recognizes the things that are happening in life, one will always find out what is causing the unhappy situations.

Most people feel if they had a better job, making more money would solve the unhappy situations in their lives. No doubt money makes life a little better, but money cannot buy happiness, money cannot buy a loving relationship or a “true” friend in time of need. It has always been everyone’s heart’s desire to have good health, happiness, prosperity and a life full of peace and harmony. All this good may not be able to unfold because of the trash in your subconscious mind covering it up. Most of that trash is a buildup of hate and resentment and not having the wisdom or knowledge of how to exchange that bag of trash for a bag of forgiveness. It is so easy to forgive others and yourself if you truly want a better life for yourself and family and not use the forgiveness to manipulate and gain material things from others.

The way to forgiveness is to make a list of all those you feel have hurt or done you wrong in the past that you are carrying in your bag of trash. With the list complete, go to each name or situation and say to yourself “I forgive the hate and hurt you have caused me and replace it with love.” Do that over and over for each name and situation, and soon you will have a different feeling about it. It is the spirit within that recognizes your “wants” to forgive and it gets easier as you continue with your forgiving of everyone and everything on your list.

It may take some time before you feel the feeling of forgiveness, but if you really want a better life for yourself and family, then it is time well spent.

When you are true to yourself that this is what you really want, then you are seeking the Kingdom of God to assist you. The Creative Intelligence of the Universe (God) is always there to assist you in whatever you ask for. Ask and you shall receive; knock and the door will be opened. The choice is always yours and only you can do the asking for what it takes to exchange the bag of trash you have been carrying, for a bag of forgiveness.

The Creative Intelligence of the Universe (God) is always there but it is up to the individual to use the spiritual laws of the Universe to exchange the things in their lives that do not serve them well. When you forgive others for their trespassing against you, then you are forgiven by the Father within as you continue on your spiritual journey. It is a choice you should never let pass by.

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The Rev. Jim Fox teaches the principles of the Science of the Mind (aka New Thought or Religious Science). He can be contacted at 673-5703, or email


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