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Clovis man gets 13 years for DUI

Judge Mitchell Rigby sentenced Karan Singh, of Clovis, to 13 years in state prison late last week for felony driving under the influence of alcohol that caused great bodily injury.

Singh was originally tried in April 2013, which resulted in a hung jury. He was again tried in December 2015, receiving a guilty verdict this past March. Due to various reasons, including the illness of defense counsel, the defendant was unable to be sentenced until Friday, said Madera County District Attorney David A. Linn.

“This case is an example of our determination to aggressively prosecute drunk drivers in Madera County,” Linn said. “No plea bargaining has occurred since prior to the preliminary hearing and it is currently our office policy not to negotiate on drunk driving cases, particularly when injuries are involved … I hope that all of the citizens of Madera County will learn from cases like these not to drink and drive at any time.”

Linn praised the work of Madera County Victim Services and the California Highway Patrol.

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